Desigual are Fashion’s Benchmark for Effective Social Media Marketing

Desigual has translated their success from store shelves to social media, which has played an instrumental role in their rapid growth. As one of the most engaging fashion brands on Facebook, gaining 5x more interactions than the global fashion industry - how do they do it?

Desigual are Fashion’s Benchmark for Effective Social Media Marketing

We looked at Desigual’s social media performance from January 2015 to March 2016 to find out how they’ve taken Desigual’s motto, “La Vida es Chula” (Life is Cool), to a winning social media marketing strategy. With 500 stores in 109 countries, and millions of fans and followers across social media, life clearly is cool for the Barcelona-based fashion house.

Engaging Audiences on Facebook 


Desigual boasts a Facebook audience of 5.6 million fans, 64% of which they gained over the last year! That’s nearly 150,000 new Fans per month. They receive an average of more than 316,000 interactions per month on only an average of 28 Facebook posts per month – which goes to show they’re making each one count. For instance, their most engaging post was a photo showing off their Living collection with a campaign hashtag.

Tip > One of the greatest things about Facebook is the amount of caption space. Try to make use of it as best you can, such as linking to your product or service.


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NYFW Takes Real-Time Marketing to Social Media

Since Facebook has been improving its native video capabilities, brands are shifting to posting increasingly more branded native video content. Desigual has leveraged the opportunity Facebook offers for unique storytelling and real-time marketing, as they did during September’s New York Fashion Week (NYFW). They’ve positioned themselves as one of the most innovative brands in the industry on social media by live-streaming from backstage to the catwalk.


Desigual learned from their September live-stream and continued striving to design exciting digital experiences for their customers in 2016. Their NYFW Facebook Live event in February 2016 took social media storm. Their storytelling throughout the event also weaved a pattern of success as they captured 68,000 new Fans along the way. They kept their Fans engaged with posts that received almost 240,000 interactions in the month leading up to the event. (Learn more clever social media marketing strategy tips from fashion brands.)

Picture Desigual on Instagram

It’s no wonder Instagram is one of the best platforms for fashion retailers to reach audiences and engage with them. As we said in 2015, social marketers have become devoted to Instagram for branded visual storytelling since it resembles a high-end digital magazine. Desigual is taking advantage of Instagram to give their audience an insider’s look into the brand, and an on- and off-stage digital pass for their live events. They’ve managed to increase their Follower base by 33%, and engage them with 32 posts per month that earn an average of 137,000 interactions per month.


Center Stage on YouTube 

When it comes to videos, fashion retailers have a heel up. Desigual captured more than 18,300 Subscribers on YouTube, 51% of them over the last year. The Spanish fashion retailer has been producing about 4 YouTube videos per month, and garnering over 1.1 million monthly views. Their most engaging video came out as they were gearing up for September’s New York Fashion Week – a song written for the launch of their Autumn/Winter ’15 collection – accumulating over 4.4 million views.

Concluding Desigual’s Patchwork of Engaging Audiences

Looking at Desigual’s activity on any major platform reveals how they continuously strive to improve their social media marketing strategy and offer digital experiences customers love. From backstage to the catwalk, they create different challenges and solutions with every new collection, and adapt and evolve with each fashion show.Along the way, they have received a similar amount of Shares and Interactions compared to some of the world’s fashion giants with audiences several times larger. It’s no wonder Desigual have become one of the most engaging fashion brands on Facebook.

Part of Desigual’s success lies in taking a data-driven approach to their social media marketing 4 years ago with the help of Socialbakers solutions, which have empowered them to build quality audiences and conversations, to ensure the execution of effective campaigns, and evaluate their performance in a competitive context across platforms. (Read more about Desigual’s success story and how they used social data to take NYFW to new heights in 2015.)

At Engage Prague 2016 we heard from Desigual’s Communication & Marketing Director, Borja Castresana, and many of the world’s  leading social media marketing professionals. Desigual’s Senior Social Media Strategist, Dimi Karavasilis, gave a hands-on workshop about The social media customer journey. The workshop gave participants insight into how social media interacts with consumers to expand product and brand recognition, drive sales and profitability, and engender loyalty.

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