Essential Guide to Social Media Marketing Across Generations

Content creation doesn’t have to be stressful if you know what your audiences will respond to and what they would rather scroll past. Just use these tips for how each generation uses social media and how you can appeal to various age groups more effectively!

Essential Guide to Social Media Marketing Across Generations

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Understanding your target audience’s social media habits will strengthen your digital marketing strategy, save valuable resources, and get you closer to achieving your business objectives. Here’s what you need to know to market to each effectively. 

Generation Z – Digital Natives

Now in their teens, they can’t imagine life without the internet. Pew Research found that 95% of teenagers between the ages of 12 – 17 are active online, with 81% using social media platforms. Snapchat is among one of the most popular platforms, with Facebook and Instagram following close behind.

Quick Tips To Engage With Generation Z 

  • Use visual messaging platforms 
  • Start live-streaming – be in the present 
  • Keep text short and sweet 
  • Create a dialogue with your audience 
  • Feature user-generated content 
  • Collaborate with influencers to enhance social media campaigns

Generation Z was born into an era with the ability to become content creators. For them, celebrity status is obtainable through digital means. This tech-savvy group naturally possesses the skills to create and publish their own content, such as YouTube celeb Alfie Deyes.

Millennials – Social Media Pros

Now approaching their 30’s and with increasing purchasing power, Millennials are an important target group for marketers. They surpassed Baby Boomers as the largest living generation, and are also the most likely to use social media compared to other age groups. Millennials love Facebook, using the platform in a variety of ways – for example, the American Press Institute found that 88% of American Millennials get their news from Facebook.

Quick Tips To Engage With Millennials

  • Use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest
  • Publish strong visuals with a story behind them 
  • Stay updated with the latest trends and get in on the conversation
  • Make how-to’s, video tutorials, and short lists
  • Develop a relationship with brand ambassadors

And while Pinterest is growing in popularity across all generations, Millennials are currently the most-represented group using the platform. How-to’s perform very well on Pinterest, and this provides a great opportunity to demonstrate your product using strong visuals.


This Quaker Oats post used their product in a clever way to naturally blend in with user-generated content. The breakfast company showed their product’s versatility accompanied by an easy-to-follow to recipe.

Generation X – Online Shoppers

Let’s not forget about Generation X. Born in the late 60’s to early 70’s, they have a proven track record of adapting to new technology: from records to cassette players, CDs, MP3s, and now streaming music. Now in the digital age, they are joining social media and favor Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Twitter over other platforms.

Quick Tips To Engage With Generation X

  • Use Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Twitter
  • Publish medium-length blogs – they’re willing to read
  • Share longer-form content such as informational posts
  • Direct this group to your company’s webpage with compelling content 
  • Be aware of emerging social media and the technology they use to access your pages

Generation X shops online more than any other generation, spending an average of $1,930 a year. FMCG and fashion marketers especially, should take advantage of this opportunity to increase website traffic from social media. Don’t forget to include a link when showcasing your product in a post. Sales-driven content should be relevant and something your audience would want to interact with. Take a look at how Amazon appealed to this generation’s interests referencing 80’s pop culture with a nostalgic Tweet.


The Takeaway

When creating content, think about your target age group and their social media preferences. Knowing your audience’s interests can help you build a more personalized approach – whether that’s creating strong visuals, or posting how-to’s with your product. Publishing custom content with these tips in mind will improve brand loyalty and strengthen your social media strategy.

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