5 Tips to Boosting Facebook Content

As digital marketers, we are constantly asking ourselves, "to boost or not to boost?" Next time you’re making that decision, follow these 5 simple steps to increase audience interactions and content visibility on Facebook.

5 Tips to Boosting Facebook Content

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Having an effective post promotion strategy is the difference between success and failure in today’s competitive landscape. We asked our social media manager what you can do to invest your budget more wisely and significantly improve your Page performance.

1. Give your content time to breathe

It’s important to let your content accumulate interactions organically before deciding whether to promote it. We know you are eager to send your message out into the social media world, but having patience could determine the success of your next post. Within a couple of hours after publishing, you can see how your audience is reacting to your content – if it’s receiving any negative feedback or not. Without giving the time to see your Fans’ reactions, you risk wasting your budget by promoting bad content, and damage your reputation doing it.

How Will Your Most Recent Post Perform

2. Boost your best-performing content 

Imagine you’ve waited to see how your audience interacted with your post and discovered that it received a lot of engagement. Promoting your best-performing posts will result in higher interaction rates, and increase your post’s visibility – it’s content you want to flaunt. On the other hand, if a post did not receive that many interactions, it might not be worth boosting.

Promoting bad content is costly and can generate 4X more negative feedback and result in 100% higher CPC (cost per click). This can affect your overall Facebook Page performance and overshadow your best content. Instead of promoting, assess why this post wasn’t popular with your audience and learn from it to improve your content strategy.

3. Boost relevant and evergreen content

You can always browse through your social media archives and boost content from the past (just make sure they are among your top-performing posts). Look to publish evergreen content – in other words, those posts that can stand the test of time. For instance, maybe you’ve written about a topic that is starting to make headlines, and it would be worth promoting that post to get in on the conversation. Lists of quick tips (like this one) are highly shareable, and they can help to increase brand awareness and traffic to your webpage.

4. Publish before your audience is online

Contrary to popular belief, you should publish a few hours before your audience is online. The News Feed is a competitive place, and it’s difficult to break through the noise when everyone else is vying for audience attention at the same time. Getting your content in front of the right audience at the right time has everything to do with how your posts will perform. 

5. Target the right audience

To get a positive response from your post promotion (and minimize the chances of getting negative feedback) be sure to target the right audience. Remember to take advantage of Facebook’s targeting options from Age, to Interests, and Behaviors. Think about how you can appeal to various age groups more effectively with relevant content that is sure to increase audience interactions.

The Takeaway

Knowing what and when to promote will increase your content’s visibility and number of interactions. Save your budget for content that works, and keep your audience happy by following these simple boosting tips. It will help you to consistently create content your audiences love and get the most out of your budget too.

Bonus tip: Don’t forget to boost content that is relevant to your audience because chances are they will engage with it. Interactions lead to higher visibility which has a higher chance of reaching people outside of your Fans.

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