Facebook 360 Video: Who’s Doing it Best?

Companies are creating incredible Facebook 360 videos that put viewers in the middle of the action. We chose 5 of the most creative examples to show what this new technology is capable of.

Facebook 360 Video: Who’s Doing it Best?

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Facebook launched Facebook 360 in September 2015 and they have been getting a lot of attention since. Facebook users now have the ability to be transported to various locations – both geographical and fictional – from the comfort of their phone or laptop. Here are the 5 best Facebook 360 videos you need to experience to see what you can do with this new tool.

National Geographic: Masters of Storytelling

360° Tour: The “Devil’s Pool” at Victoria Falls

Straddling the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe, this legendary waterfall is among the biggest and most awe-inspiring on the planet. Take a 360° ride over the jaw-dropping cliffs at Victoria Falls.

Posted by National Geographic on Sunday, April 3, 2016

National Geographic have taken their outstanding storytelling practices to Facebook 360 video, telling visual stories in a completely new way. They have published several immersive 360 experiences with short educational text to accompany their strong visuals – an entertaining twist that makes learning fun.

An Exclusive Look at Nat Geo’s Strategy

Game of Thrones: A Trip Through Westeros

I'm a big Game of Thrones fan. Check out this 360 video of the opening sequence — it's now the most watched 360 video on Facebook in a 24 hour period. Tilt your phone to look around Westeros.

Posted by Mark Zuckerberg on Friday, April 15, 2016

HBO’s Game of Thrones team knows how to create content their Fans love, from spilling teasers to creating original content. And it’s working: the show has nearly 19 million Fans on Facebook, an increase of 3 million since Season 5. With this Facebook 360 video, Fans can explore Westeros accompanied by the classic theme song.

Visit Florida: Under the Sea


360 Degrees in the Looking Glass: The Underwater Caves and Gin…

Explore the looking glass and eerie caves of Ginnie Springs in this 360 tour. Brought to you by VISIT FLORIDA #LoveFL VISIT FLORIDA

Posted by Scuba Diver Life on Sunday, June 19, 2016

As Shangri-La’s Luca Deplano discussed at Engage 2016, technology is changing the travel industry by allowing companies to create personalized content for guests. Visit Florida is the state’s official source for tourism. They use Facebook 360 videos to give potential visitors a sneak peek of what they can find on their travels. In this video, Visit Florida takes viewers on a deep-sea scuba dive, following schools of fish and entering hidden caves.

NASA: Taking 360 to Another Planet


Incredible – Take a tour of Mars with NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory's 360 degree video » http://cnb.cx/20Imw2c

Posted by CNBC on Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Veronica Mcgregor from NASA gave some great advice at Engage 2016, “don’t be a robot, even if you are one.” NASA’s Curiosity Rover is staying true to this advice by keeping Fans updated here on Earth through regularly Tweeting about Mars in the first person. And now NASA has taken their social media strategy to another planet with Facebook 360 video. Instead of embarking on the strenuous 260-day journey, viewers can visit the Red Planet at the click of a mouse or tilt of a smartphone. With Facebook 360 video, you don’t need astronaut training to join a rover on an extraterrestrial adventure.

Red Bull: Extreme Sports Without the Risk


Speed riding in 360!

Experience a canyon speed flight in 360!

Posted by Red Bull Adventure on Friday, February 12, 2016

Red Bull are taking Facebook 360 experiences to a whole new level with extreme sports. In this video, you can become a virtual adrenaline junkie and speed down a snowy canyon. Notice how Red Bull’s logo can be seen on the parachutes throughout the clip? They’re masters of connecting adventurous sports with their brand.

The Takeaway

Facebook 360 video has enabled companies to captivate their audience in entertaining ways, while creating experiences that are tailored to their service or product. Virtual experiences are becoming increasingly popular, and allow companies to break through the noise on social media, and enhance customer relationships.

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