7 Steps to Creating Great Content

Great content is created from great ideas. The real question is, where do you turn to get inspired? We've got 7 steps to help you create effective content for every social media platform with Inspiration Pro in Socialbakers Solutions.

7 Steps to Creating Great Content

Socialbakers gives you access to the world’s first searchable social media content library. Find the best content from among nearly 10 billion content pieces across Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter in a few seconds – your key to inspired content creation.

1. Go through your past campaigns

Compile a list of your best-performing posts and split them up by campaign. Find your top-performing posts for each campaign. Do they have anything in common? Compare them against the worst posts to identify what makes content pieces good- or bad-performing.

2. Go through competitors’ campaigns

Search for competitors within your industry and region, or by looking for keywords in specific groups of Pages. Does your content seem to look better than theirs? Did it get more engagement? How is your content and theirs alike or different?

3. Look outside of your industry (and into the past)

Look outside of your environment to find examples of great campaigns from around the world. If you are a soft drink marketer in New York City, see what ice cream companies in Brazil are doing. Check out an automaker in India. Explore the world of social media marketing to find creative inspiration from Pages you might never have seen otherwise.


4. Focus on shareability

Shares are the most valuable type of interactions because they experience great organic reach. Keep your organic and promoted posts separate, see if you can spot the difference between well-liked posts, and well-shared posts. Work towards creating content that is relevant for your audience to improve your shareability.

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5. Search around holidays and events

Whenever an event or holiday approaches, go through content from that event to find new inspiration. Olympic marketers might want to look through Euro 2016 (or Euro 2012, even) or the last few years’ Roland Garros content to find what works best with their audiences.


6. Find the best examples of content about specific themes

If you’re planning to post about a new trend, you can search around that keyword to find a top influencer on that topic. What celebrity is posting about it? What is it about the creative, copy, and call to action that made this content so appealing?


7. Mark your favorite posts and distribute the insights to your team

Save your favorite posts to a stream in your publishing tool. Or print them out to create an inspiration board – whatever works for your team!

BONUS: Are you an agency?

Use insights you pulled for one client to help another one, streamlining your pitches and strengthening your team’s knowledge of best-performing content.

With Inspiration Pro now available in Socialbakers Solutions, you can more easily create better content than ever before, thanks to the endless sources of inspiration from the world’s best-performing content.

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