How to Use Facebook Live Like a Pro

Facebook Live videos are on the rise in 2016! They’re interactive, engaging, unpredictable - and audiences can’t get enough. Here’s what you need to know to take advantage of the new tool for your marketing.

How to Use Facebook Live Like a Pro

Live videos are popular among viewers because they create a sense of inclusivity, building trust and connection between customers and businesses. Live streaming is difficult to stage and puts your company in an authentic light. Here’s how consumer brands, airlines, and the fashion industry are making the best use of Facebook Live.

1. FMCGs

Facebook Live is a simple and cost-effective way to give audiences a behind-the-scenes look at your company. Your Fans know what your products look like on shelves, but they might not know the work that goes into creating them. Streaming live from the shop floor or the design studio gives everyone a personal tour. 

Our advice:

  • Introduce your employees, brand ambassadors or celebrity endorsers – Facebook Live is above all a powerful tool for bringing the people behind your company to the fore, and allowing your Fans to connect more intimately with your brand
  • Take Fans on a tour – show them HOW your products are created and the real people involved in the entire process from start to finish 
  • Host a Q&A session so customers can learn more about the products they care about
  • Showcase a new product or how to use your other products in new ways

Coke goes live with Filipino actor, singer, and model Enrique Gi. In this Live stream, the influencer shares his experience with new Coke Emoticons, and encourages Fans to join him at an event to promote Coke’s ‘Taste The Feeling’ Campaign.

2. Airlines

Travel is becoming ever more accessible and thanks to mobile technology users are able to find bargain flights and book hotels on the go – especially among the millennial demographic. In fact, the United Nations estimates that younger generations represent about 20% of international travelers today. As Millennials’ purchasing power increases, marketers can expect the amount of young travelers to increase as well.

To target this group effectively, you need to meet them where they are – and that’s on social media. Use Facebook Live to create a connection with current and prospective customers, and stand out from your competitors.

Our advice:

  • Feature celebrities, spokespeople, or employee advocates’ travel experiences in the destinations your airline flies to 
  • Interview brand advocates and celebrities that use your airline
  • Showcase the features that make traveling on your airline more enjoyable than the competition 
  • Launch contests where passengers can compete for prizes
  • Showcase your employees – the people behind the scenes that make sure your customers are getting to where they are going safely and comfortably

Emirates used Facebook Live to bring Fans to their 80th A380 delivery celebration at Hamburg Finkenwerder airport. As an added bonus, Emirates incorporated aircraft features and received outstanding social media support from their audience with over 724,000 views.

3. Fashion

The fashion world is known for its Fashion Weeks, where they throw spectacular events to introduce new seasonal collections. These events are held in the fashion capitals of the world such as New York City, London, Paris, and Rome – out of reach for most consumers, yet something they are very interested in being a part of. With Facebook Live, your Fans don’t have to travel long distances to keep up with the latest fashion news – it’s no longer “invite only.” 

Our advice:

  • Go behind the scenes to show Fans how a new piece goes from conception to production to appearing on store shelves
  • Give your Fans a front row seat at fashion shows
  • Release a sneak peak of a new collection to your Fans just before or after a runway show
  • Create fashion tips and put together an outfit complete with accessories
  • Show your Fans what’s going on backstage 

Prada invited their Fans to their Menswear Fashion Show and promoted the Live video of their event, even before it took place. This gave Fans the opportunity to join and reserve a digital seat.

The Takeaway

Live videos are capturing audience attention and some companies are receiving huge spikes in organic interactions. In our latest Social Media Minute, we discuss how only 7% of companies are taking advantage of the new tool. Audiences appreciate Facebook Live because it gives them a fresh and authentic perspective. Fans have a chance to engage with the people behind their favorite companies, as well as with each other. Though live streaming techniques vary across industries, Facebook Live can still be used to personalize your company, connect with your community, and generate more engagement.

See how Socialbakers used Facebook Live to discuss the role of social media in today’s companies, and what marketing leaders can do to empower their social media teams to drive customer acquisition, retention, and revenue. 

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