How to Convince Your Boss to Invest in Social Media

Convincing your boss that they need to invest in social media can be a hard sell. We did some research and came up with some talking points to prepare you for the conversation.  

How to Convince Your Boss to Invest in Social Media

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Whether your boss is the head of marketing, content, or even the CMO, chances are they may not understand how social media can strengthen overall marketing goals and drive the business forward. Here’s how you can increase your chances of getting support for your company’s social media efforts:

1. Platforms are growing and maturing

Emphasize the scale of social media and its growing opportunities to reach new customers. For example, Facebook alone has over 1 billion daily active users, and other platforms are growing at a fast pace. No matter what business you’re in, you need to reach both current and prospective customers – and social media makes this possible in a direct, effective, and cost-efficient way.

To effectively communicate with your target audience, you need to reach them where they are – and that’s on social media. Your boss may feel that social media is mainly for teenagers, but the reality today is that this is far from the truth. If they want to reach customers born after 1980, data show that they strongly prefer communicating through social media and messenger apps compared to traditional channels. And as younger generations’ purchasing power increases with time, it’s becoming increasingly important to be fluent and active on the digital channels they’re using.

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2. Digital ad spend is on the rise

According to eMarketer, digital ad spend is expected to surpass television ad spend by 2017. To excel in the digital environment, companies are already shifting advertising budgets to reach customers on digital channels, including social media. Facebook’s quarterly earnings are proof that companies are seeing how social media ads can improve customer retention, acquisition, and drive revenue growth.

3. Relevent Content is the currency of social media 

At face value it’s not always obvious that creating engaging content can lead to business rewards – which is why you might need to explain it to your boss. Creating good content is the key to mastering social media marketing. Your customers are actively seeking out content from companies like yours and they expect you to publish regularly. It’s imperative that social media marketers deliver relevant content to their target audiences and at the right time – doing so will lead to more interactions – ultimately maximizing the value of your budget.


4.  Social media can be revenue driver  

Marketers can no longer ignore that social media is now a paid channel.

To adapt to the changing landscape, companies need to invest wisely to break through the noise and stand out against the competition.

Marketing leaders need to demonstrate that their social media investments are having a direct impact on customer acquisition, revenue, brand awareness, and ROI. And there’s no better way to do that than by partnering with the right technology partner who can help you create engaging content that will work for your audiences, publish that content at the right time to increase organic reach and impressions, and make sense of which pieces of content to invest in to get you the best possible outcome.

Closing the deal

Social media can be a revenue driver for your business because it offers a wealth of opportunities to create authentic customer relationships to improve customer acquisition, retention, satisfaction, and increase revenue. All of these elements are extremely important to your boss – whether they’re a CMO or a head of digital – and effectively communicating how social media can achieve these business objectives will help you create a compelling argument.

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