Pokémon GO Invades Social Media

As Pokémon GO fever spread around the world, we tracked all of the exciting data around Pokémon posting, promotion, and engagement.

Pokémon GO Invades Social Media

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We’ve seen all of the inevitable Pokémon GO content – gameplay screenshots (great for encouraging fan submissions), imitative content, geo-marketing wizardry by local stores and brick-and-mortar shops, even the anti-Pokémon posts and more.

As Datámon, we wanted to see the big picture – who was posting all of this content, when did they post it, where did they post it, how well did they promote it, and…how engaging was it all, anyway?

The Way Industries Play

By searching for the phrase “Pokémon” in our database, we found more than 20,000 posts across Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter that were published in July. Using our detailed tagging system, we broke these posts down by industry, platform, and engagement.


Across Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, retail companies posted the most Pokémon-related content, with services and e-commerce close behind. After these three, there is a big gap, with accommodations posting fewer than 1,000 posts.

When Did The Fever Start?

Across social media, companies picked up their Pokémon GO activity on July 10th.


Activity by brands peaked on July 14th (the same date that the world’s most active Pokémon GO-playing nation, the United Kingdom, got access to the game) was when you were most likely to see a post like this:

This glorious post was the most engaging Pokémon GO content on Twitter from the period we analyzed.

On Facebook, you were much more likely to see E-commerce companies post about the game.


No matter what kind of company posted about Pokémon GO, one thing remained consistent – their content was probably promoted very effectively.


Only 21% of Pokémon GO posts were promoted, but that small group received 66% of Total Interactions from all Pokémon GO content.


For companies across social media, Pokémon GO has become as much a headache as a benefit. How do you capture the spirit of this social phenomenon, and how should it be used to spark a long-term run of marketing success? If it’s just for temporary fun, is it worth posting about? Has the peak passed forever?

All of these questions need answering, but for now, we know that businesses are getting tons of engagement around the world with Pokémon GO content. Whether you want to show off the Pokémon at your brick-and-mortar location, add a charging station for battery-drained players, or just strengthen relationships with your fans by engaging with them about their favorite topic, you can draw in a lot of people and excitement. The world is full of fans; you just GOTTA CATCH ‘EM ALL!

We couldn’t finish this post without saying it!

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