5 Tips for Using Socialbakers Analytics

Socialbakers Analytics is designed with the needs of today's social media marketers in mind so you can overcome digital marketing challenges to drive your business forward. Here’s a look at some of our core features:

5 Tips for Using Socialbakers Analytics

1) Report with Ease 

Reporting is one of the most important tools for communicating the results of your campaigns. It doesn’t matter what industry you work in, when you want to show the results of your social media performance, you want to make it count. Save time on compiling data from all of your pages and trying to transform it into understandable reports.


Setting up Automated Reports in Socialbakers Analytics makes reporting easier than ever – simply schedule them as frequently as you need. Now you can get these visually stunning reports in any format (PowerPoint Excel, PDF, PNG), and always know how your company is performing.

2) Know Where You Stand on Social

To improve your social media performance, you need to see where you stand in a competitive context. With our Multicompare feature, you can benchmark yourself against the competition, industry, and beyond. Select up to 10 different competitors to get a comprehensive overview of their Facebook performance, recognize their strengths and weaknesses, and start building your content strategy around best practices.

3) Discover Your Best Content

Engaging content is never static – and changes rapidly in the evolving world of social media marketing. Paid content promotion is just part of the solution. In order to overcome this obstacle, you need to create content that resonates with your audience. In the Content News Feed section you can find which content your audience is interacting with most. Here is what you can do:

  • Filter out content based on Post Type and find your most engaging photos, albums, videos, and more. 
  • Compare your most engaging and least engaging content and identify the differences to do more of what works. 
  • Sort by Reactions and discover what is making your audience love, haha or wow – all in less than a minute.

4) Monitor Top Performing Profiles

Customize your dashboard for each social media channel and create your own tailored views about the topics you are most interested in monitoring. Choose which metrics you want to monitor and discover top performing profiles based on Fan Growth, Interaction Rate, Response Time, Facebook Insights and more. 

Unlike native tools, you’ll get an overview of all metrics for all the pages you manage – in one dashboard. This will enable you to get a deeper understanding of your own social media performance across platforms.

5) Improve Communication with Your Fans

Customers increasingly expect companies to interact with and respond to them on social media. There has been a huge increase in customers reaching out to companies, asking millions of questions on Facebook and Twitter every year. To meet this growing demand, companies should adopt social listening into their customer care strategy and monitor their Question Response Time.


Socialbakers Analytics has many features that enable you to implement an effective social customer care strategy. For instance, Response Time Evolution is just one of many functions that shows which time of the day the most amount of questions went unanswered. These insights can help you plan better so that your team can be there when your customers need them most.

Why it Matters

Data is at the core of every great social media strategy. Partnering with the right social media analytics company can help you improve your social media presence. You need the right tools to assess the competition and communicate effectively with your audience. Socialbakers Solutions empowers you to get the most out of social media and turn your digital relationships into growth.

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