Airbnb: Building a Social Sharing Community

Airbnb actively engages with their audience by providing outstanding customer care and leveraging authentic user generated content. In our latest study, we looked at Airbnb's best social media practices across Facebook and Instagram to identify key lessons that will inspire marketers from any industry.

Airbnb: Building a Social Sharing Community

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Airbnb has successfully integrated their core value of sharing into their social media presence. They have created an authentic experience for their digital communities, boasting an international fanbase of 5 million on Facebook and Instagram.

Read our study to find out how Airbnb :

  • Develops Facebook campaigns that drive Fan engagement 
  • Creates outstanding content their audience readily shares
  • Provides their audience with excellent social customer care
  • Incorporates user generated content on Instagram 

Unlock Airbnbu2019s Social Media Secrets

We analyzed data from more than 40 of the top performing global travel booking pages on Facebook from March 1 – August 31, 2016 to uncover the strategies behind Airbnb’s exemplary performance.


In terms of Fan Growth, Airbnb ranks in the top 5 and has been expanding at a rapid rate – gaining an average of 160,000+ new Facebook Fans per month. Even more impressive, Airbnb also comes in first when it comes to interactions – though they post significantly less than competing brands. Airbnb understands the importance of publishing quality content and only shares their best work with their community. In return, they receive high engagement rates and retain their loyal Fans.


An example of one of Airbnb’s most engaging posts demonstrated their support for Gay Pride month in June. The travel brand created a campaign that invited Fans to create hearts made from fingerprints, and share them across their Facebook network. This post alone garnered nearly 155,000 interactions in just one day and was shared over 15,000 times. The post was successful because it was innovative and perfectly reinforced the travel brand’s “Belong Anywhere” slogan.

Airbnb puts their community at the center of their social media campaigns. By using distinct platforms to communicate different messages, they effectively master the art of creating content that audiences share and love. Download our study to learn more of Airbnb’s brilliant strategies that can help you improve your own social media performance!

P.S. We didn’t even get started about their Instagram strategy!

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