Fashion Week 2016 on Social Media in Review

Socialbakers was tracking all the social media activity during this season’s fashion week to uncover which cities and designers led the way - and we’re ready to crown a new fashion capital for social media! We also took a closer look at the top brands to find out how they used event buzz to promote their Fall collections and take their communities behind the scenes.

Fashion Week 2016 on Social Media in Review

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We created the Fashion Cheermeter to keep tabs on the latest social media activity across Twitter, Instagram and Facebook around the fall fashion shows in New York, London, Milan and Paris.

New York is Fashion Week’s Social Media Capital

We looked at the social media activity for all four cities side by side and are ready to crown New York as the social media capital of the fashion world. The more than 850,000 Twitter mentions that the New York event received far eclipsed those of Paris, London and Milan.


City by City Highlights

The fashion industry has become a leader on social media. Fashion accounts accumulate far more engagement than any other industry on Instagram on average. They have earned their success thanks to the visual nature of their product, by integrating relevant marketing trends into their strategy, and curating highly stylized images that their community admires. So which brands took top place in each city?


Tommy Hilfiger Creates a Chat Bot for New York

Tommy Hilfiger earned an impressive total of nearly 2.5 million interactions. They were one of the first brands to incorporate the See Now, Buy Now concept into their collection, which gave their audience the ability to purchase brand new pieces debuting during their runway show online in real time.

Tommy Hilfiger also debuted a Facebook Messenger chat bot, TMY.GRL, to make the process of buying from the runway enjoyable and effortless (not to mention cutting edge). By staying on top of the latest social trends they were able to captivate their community and lead traffic to their website to drive sales.


Topshop Creates a Cheat Sheet to Fashion Week for London

Topshop took to Instagram to keep interest high during the London event by posting frequently to keep their community up to date. The brand gained nearly 200,000 new Followers and accumulated 4.7 million Interactions on Instagram alone.

Their total social media interactions reached nearly 5 million. Their content kept audiences update in real time using strong visuals to bring them to to the event. Some of Topshop’s most engaging posts included fashion cheat sheets, blog-inspired photos, and candid shots of guests arriving to their show.


Gucci Goes Artistic for Milan

Gucci garnered a total of over 6.5 million interactions. The Italian fashion brand took a very different approach on Facebook and Instagram, highlighting the artistic aspects of the industry. While models still played a huge role in their visual strategy, they mostly emphasized their individual pieces in their Fall clothing line. They used social media to share compelling photos that displayed their new exotic embroidery collection against plain backgrounds in natural settings.


Christian Dior Goes Multi Platform to Drive Engagement for Paris

Dior garnered nearly 5.9 million interactions thanks in part to eloquently using Instagram to showcase the event’s venue at the Louvre’s Cour Carrée and share snapshots of famous celebrities and models such as Kendall Jenner. Meanwhile Dior used Facebook to drive their audience to their Snapchat account, which provided viewers with real-time updates and exclusive, time-sensitive content. Incorporating Snapchat into their social media strategy was a great way to connect with their younger audiences.


The Takeaway

Social media has forever changed how designer brands and passionate fashion fans connect over fashion weeks. Designers have embraced social media, using it as a way to open their doors to the wider public – giving them access to an event that has previously been off-limits. This year’s top performers used these channels to better connect with their audience, providing them with a chance to buy the looks they’re watching immediately, as well as creating exclusive content ranging from behind-the-scenes footage to model interviews.

The Socialbakers Global Fashion Social Meter will be back this spring!

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