The Best Halloween Content Strategies on Facebook

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The Best Halloween Content Strategies on Facebook

Halloween marks the start of major holiday marketing campaigns on social media, giving businesses the opportunity to get really creative in grabbing their fan’s attention. We unmasked some of the top-performing Halloween posts on Facebook to inspire your next holiday campaign.

Using Socialbakers Inspiration PRO, we found that Retail and FMCG brands published more Halloween related content than any other industry on Facebook. Within seconds, we discovered that Applegate, Fanta, and Staples had the most engaging Halloween posts. Here’s what you can learn from them:

1. Create content your audience craves

Applegate is a FMCG family oriented brand whose Halloween content strategy focused on connecting families together. They shared Halloween-inspired recipes like hot dog spiders and mini pizza mummies, offering a chance for children and families to spend quality time together. Applegate successfully highlighted their personality by publishing relevant content for their audience. Applegate’s family-oriented approach worked well, as they gained 6,800 new fans. Their Halloween posts received roughly 78,000 reactions and 18,000 shares – making their content the most shared in their industry.


Tip > Create engaging posts by identifying your target audience, understand and deliver what they hope to see, and monitor your performance to improve in the future. Don’t forget to drive traffic back to your website by linking in the description text.

2. Make your audience feel part of an exclusive community

Fanta found a creative way to build brand awareness and increase social media ROI by giving a first-hand look at their limited edition Halloween-themed beverage cans. Fans were encouraged to post photos with the vampire, skull, witch, and Frankenstein cans, accompanied by their designated hashtag #WickedlyFantastic. This was a clever marketing technique that got fans talking about their products and helped boost sales opportunities.

Another way the beverage brand inspired their audience to get into the Halloween spirit was by featuring a time-lapse video of the popular pumpkin-carving activity with their spooky skull can and logo. Fanta’s Facebook video became their top-performing post, gaining more than 3,200 total interactions and over 400 shares.


Tip > Did you have a Halloween party? Try and think of ways to share moments from your company doing a holiday related activity. Make your business culture stand out and encourage audience participation to help increase interactions.

3. Trick or Treat? Focus on engaging, rather than selling

Staples’ approach focused on increasing audience participation through riddles and games, as opposed to directly selling their products. Their top-performing post – which was also their most shared – accumulated over 2,500 interactions. It’s important to have a well-balanced content strategy that doesn’t only sell products. Every company should aim to craft posts that their community wants to share with their friends and family.


Tip > Shares are unquestionably the most valuable form of interaction on Facebook, they demonstrate fan loyalty, amplify reach which builds brand awareness, and can improve customer acquisition.

The Takeaway

Holidays and trending topics provide companies a chance to get creative and spark conversations that strengthen relationships with new and existing customers. To consistently improve your content strategy, it’s essential to monitor your performance so you can understand the type of content your audiences enjoy interacting with, and replicate those best practices.

Applegate shows that creating relevant content for audiences will increase engagement and build brand awareness. Fanta demonstrates the importance of making fans feel a part of an exclusive community. Staples taught us that you don’t always need to promote your products in your content.

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