Get a Competitive Overview of Your Facebook Performance

Social media has become a direct channel to reach your future and current customers. Yet, you and your competitors are facing a constant battle to gain the attention of your target audience. That’s why it’s essential to know how you’re performing against the competition so you can define your social media success.

Get a Competitive Overview of Your Facebook Performance

Seeing your numbers in a competitive context can make all the difference, and empower you to make data-backed decisions that can strengthen your social media presence. So, do you really know how you stack up against the competition on Facebook?

Discover Your Performance vs. The Competition

We set out to create a free social media benchmarking tool, so everyone can have the opportunity to compare themselves against their competition within seconds. It’s easy, just type in your company’s Facebook Page, as well as that of your competitor – or any two Pages you want to measure. You will then receive a custom Know Your Numbers report covering the most important Facebook metrics:       

    1. Know Your Audience 

One of your main goals is likely building a strong social media community. After all, reaching your future and existing customers is important to drive your business forward. With our Know Your Numbers report, you can see how well you’re performing against the competition in terms of audience growth and in key target markets.

      2. Know Your Content

It’s no secret that audience growth depends on the quality and frequency of your content. Posting relevant resources at regular intervals can improve your reach, minimize negative feedback, and reduce advertising costs. Learn how much you are posting versus your competitor and uncover their most engaging posts to find inspiration for your future content.

  3. Know Your Audience Engagement

Nothing proves the quality of your content more than the volume of engagement. Posting relevant content that resonates with your audiences is crucial for increasing website traffic and enhancing your brand image. See the number of interactions your posts generate and compare it with your competitor to understand if they are succeeding more at engaging your potential customers.

The Takeaway

With just one Know Your Numbers report from our free social media benchmarking tool, you can receive an in-depth overview of your and your competitors’ performance on Facebook. See where you stand and start improving your content strategy today.

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