4 Reasons Why You Need More Than Native Tools

To succeed on social media, you need to know how to measure your performance effectively. Social media platforms offer a variety of built-in analytics, but if you want to gain deeper insight into how you compare against your competition or industry, it might be time to go beyond native tools.

4 Reasons Why You Need More Than Native Tools

Although the data made available in native tools is extensive, you can’t see your performance in a competitive context, and get a unified overview of cross-platform measurement. A third party solution can provide these in-depth metrics and so much more. If you’re looking to improve your social media strategy, analyze your results and demonstrate the value of your performance, you will need the right tools for the job. So here are some points to consider before you ask your boss to invest in any 3rd party solution:

1. See how you perform against the competition

While you can get a great deal of information from native tools, you will only be able to understand your own performance. To get a complete overview of your social media strategy, you need to benchmark against the competition, industry, regionally, and globally – which a third party solution can provide.

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2. Track all of your metrics across multiple platforms from one place 

To gain a comprehensive overview of your social media strategy, you need to see how well you’re doing across all of your social media profiles. Comparing your performance across platforms is time-consuming and difficult – each of them offers varying metrics that differ in terms of scope, granularity, and volume. With a third party tool, you have the ability to see your performance metrics across each platform, and all in one place. You also want one that will aggregate all of your native insights data, so you don’t lose any of your benchmarks.

3. Get access to metrics unavailable in native platform tools

Although native tools can provide you with an overview of your performance, you need to gain a deeper understanding with metrics that they don’t provide. With a third party tool, you gain access to exclusive metrics and advanced features like insights into your competitor’s post promotion strategy or a single multi-platform dashboard. These give you a broader perspective of your marketing performance and put the right insights at your fingertips so you can gain a competitive edge on social.

4. Generate highly visual, presentation-ready reports within seconds

Every social media marketer needs to prepare reports on their company’s performance. If you rely on native tools, you’re likely sifting through endless Excel files and creating or analyzing complex charts – for every single platform you’re active on. Alternative solutions make this an easy process, enabling you to create clear, ready-made, and customizable, reports in minutes and in multiple formats.

Should you make the switch?

Without a doubt, there’s a lot that you can learn from using only native platform tools – and they have improved significantly since the early days. However, as your company’s social presence grows and you’ve got multiple profiles on several platforms, you will very likely benefit from access to the metrics and advanced features – like competitive performance insights or easy one-click visual reporting – that are unavailable in native tools. To stay competitive on social media, getting as much relevant data as possible in a digestible format so you can act on it in time is crucial for meeting your targets and delivering relevant content to the right audiences.

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