How to Become an Engaging Instagram Profile: Here’s Who to Follow

We tracked the most engaging industries on Instagram over the last six months, and uncovered which companies are leading the way, establishing best practices that any marketer can put to use. Learn from the best in the fashion, beauty, and auto industries.

How to Become an Engaging Instagram Profile: Here’s Who to Follow

Victoria’s Secret – The Instagram Fashion Queen

The fashion industry is the most engaging on Instagram, and is a natural fit for the highly visual platform. It’s no surprise, as fashion brands receive a lot of interactions from their exclusive, eye-catching, and timely content. Victoria’s Secret is among the top fashion brands, earning impressive interaction numbers and a steady increase in follower growth. 

How to Succeed Like Fashion Brands on Instagram

Using Socialbakers Analytics, we discovered that Victoria’s Secret grew their audience by roughly 7 Million new Followers in just six months! From June – November 2016, Victoria Secret primarily posted videos – that’s 22% more than the industry average! Their video content strategy is not limited to one theme, rather they feature a variety of different videos, ranging from interviews with their Angels discussing their workout routines to short GIFs. As a result, they have created a well rounded visual library of branded content that doesn’t just showcase the product, but the story around it.


Tip> Don’t post videos without a purpose. Always have your audiences in mind, and publish exclusive content they can’t find anywhere else to keep them engaged throughout your campaigns.

The holiday season becomes every fashion brand’s focal point as soon as November hits. Like many other retailers on Instagram, Victoria’s Secret includes a direct website link in the bio to make the purchasing process easier for their audience. In this particular example, Victoria’s Secret created an entire ‘guide’ dedicated to Black Friday. Now that the sale has ended, the link redirects users to their Instagram shop, where they can click and buy.

Victoria’s Secret uses their Instagram strategy to support their overall business objectives, and promotes their profile on their website. This demonstrates that their Instagram strategy is strongly intertwined with their brand as a whole. 

Anastasia Beverly Hills – Beauty is Art

Among one of beauty’s most engaging Instagram brands is Anastasia Beverly Hills. Their Halloween-themed content received the most interactions, with the top post garnering more than 200,000 Likes. The posts highlighted their makeup products in a unique way, that was both seasonal and visually striking.


Tip> Find your niche and embrace it! Include influencers that not only represent your product, but also have a strong and credible social media presence. 

The beauty brand regularly cooperates with influencers in exchange for niche photos that showcase the potential of their cosmetics, as shown above. Usually the featured influencers have a large Instagram and/or YouTube audience, known for their tips and how-tos. 

This is a cost-effective way to build a loyal Instagram audience. More importantly, incorporating influencer content gives the brand an authentic touch that shows audiences that their desired ‘look’ is achievable. 

Mercedes-Benz – Capturing Luxury

If you can’t afford a Mercedes-Benz, at least you can look at one. When it comes to interactions, Mercedes-Benz is the highest ranking auto profile on Instagram, averaging over 4 million interactions per week. They are using Instagram to give their audiences insider access to their luxurious vehicles. 

Mercedes-Benz often showcases both the interior and exterior of their cars. In fact, the image below was among their most engaging posts, receiving nearly 200,000 interactions. Mercedes Instagram content strategy focuses on providing their audience with a glimpse of what it would be like to be a Benz owner.


Tip> Know what your company represents, and use the visual capabilities of Instagram to further reinforce your brand story.

Mercedes knows that pictures are worth a thousand words which is why they always include short snappy description text. They regularly feature highly stylized photos taken from Mercedes owners and auto enthusiasts. Sharing user generated content allows marketers to portray their image in a new light, providing their audience with a genuine angle.

The Takeaway

These engaging Instagram profiles all have one thing in common – they create compelling content that reinforces their brand image and supports business goals. Companies should always have a strategy in mind before posting – whether that’s to build awareness through influencers or drive traffic to their website to increase conversions. Having a vision will help you create quality content that will keep your audience double tapping.

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