Black Friday: 3 Tips For Better Facebook Holiday Marketing

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are two major commercial events happening in both stores and online. These holidays pose a challenge for social media marketers who are competing for audiences' attention. We looked at Black Friday 2016 top-performing posts on Facebook to inspire your next great holiday marketing campaigns.

Black Friday: 3 Tips For Better Facebook Holiday Marketing

As we monitored the activity during and around Black Friday, we discovered that 5 out of 20 most engaging Facebook Pages belonged to e-commerce, retail, and electronics. We chose to analyze the holiday strategies of these industries in more detail to find the best practices any social media marketer can apply. Here is what we discovered:

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Facebook Posting Strategies

Out of the 3 industries we analyzed, e-commerce published the most content during the two commercial holidays. On Black Friday, e-commerce companies published nearly the same number of posts as retail, and 5x more than electronics. When it came to Cyber Monday, companies published 3x less content than on Black Friday. Despite Cyber Monday campaigns were used to encourage online shopping, Black Friday was much more widely advertised on Facebook.


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Most Engaging Content Strategies During Black Friday

Using Socialbakers Inspiration PRO – the world’s largest social media content database – we found the top-performing Black Friday content in each of the industries.

1. Overstock: encourage your audience to interact with your content

On Black Friday, the e-commerce company Overstock launched a competition giving away a $50 gift card. Overstock encouraged their audience to talk about the products they would buy if they won the prize. Not only did this post generate 3,000 Interactions and nearly 500 Shares – one of the highest numbers in the industry – it enabled Overstock to get feedback from their community.


Tip: Think about what you want to achieve with your content and create a purposeful call-to-action to generate a particular kind of engagement.

2. Gilt: start your holiday campaign early to get ahead of the game

American retailer Gilt launched a holiday countdown campaign before Black Friday. For 5 days, the company offered varying discount codes for different products, which prompted their audience to follow Gilt’s Facebook Page and purchase the cut-price goods. They also took advantage of the description text by including a direct link to their website to make the buyer’s journey easier. This strategy, supported by tasteful photos, rendered Gilt the most engaging retail company during Black Friday.


Tip: Launching your campaign one to two weeks before a holiday can help you to increase brand awareness over the competition, create hype, and ultimately drive customers to your website.

3. Sony PlayStation: focus on the holidays, rather than on the products

Sony PlayStation’s Black Friday campaign consisted of two simple videos. The first one focused reminded their audience to stay safe during the shopping extravaganza, while the second one announced the upcoming sales. By steering the focus away from individual products, the company managed to stand out from the competition who mainly showcased their discounted goods assortment. Sony PlayStation’s original approach to their Black Friday content helped them to generate nearly 14,000 Interactions with just two posts.


Tip: Try to take a unique approach to your holiday messaging by leveraging different content formats, such as GIFs or Facebook videos, to stand out in your audience’s News Feed and increase engagement.

The Takeaway

This year’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday revealed a number of interesting trends in Facebook marketing. E-commerce, electronics, and retail were some of the most engaging industries during Black Friday, and e-commerce published the highest volume of content. The majority of these company Facebook Pages’ activity was dedicated to Black Friday, with Cyber Monday being far less advertised.

We also took a closer look at these industries’ campaigns, and discovered best tactics for effective holiday marketing: create highly actionable content, start your campaigns early, and showcase your offers in a unique way. Applying these principles can help any savvy social marketer to succeed during the highly competitive holiday season.

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