Our Best Content Picks on Instagram 2016

Instagram just surpassed 600 million users, and continues to be one of the leading platforms for branded visual storytelling for marketers. With 2016 coming to an end, we reviewed five outstanding campaigns to inspire your Instagram strategy for 2017.

Our Best Content Picks on Instagram 2016

Using Socialbakers Analytics, we looked at this year’s activity on Instagram and pinpointed 5 companies that created some amazing posts. Here are our top picks for the best content of 2016:

1. Morphe Brushes: Leverage The Power Of Influencers

Morphe Brushes based their Instagram content strategy on leveraging the influence of famous makeup artists. The beauty company featured a number of influencer pictures that highlight various ‘looks’ with Morphe cosmetics.

This strategy presented Morphe Brushes’ cosmetics in an authentic light, while featuring artists with a large following. Their influencer-centric approach, supported by alluring photographs, helped the beauty company to generate nearly 8 million interactions per month, which positioned them within the top 20 most engaging Instagram profiles of 2016.


For instance, this photo illustrates their effective Instagram marketing strategy which others should follow suite. Morphe Brushes made excellent use of the description text by building a story around the holidays, tagging the featured artist’s Instagram account to give credit to the influencer, and listing the applied products. They also added their designated hashtag, #MorpheBabe, to distinguish their influencer posts from other content. Learn more about how you can become an engaging Instagram profile through the top-performers of 2016.

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2. Ted Baker: Give Your Campaign A Creative Theme

To announce their new clothing line, the fashion company Ted Baker launched Mission Impeccable – a great campaign, kept in a spy movie theme. On Instagram, the multichannel campaign included incredible pictures of clothes taken in film-like settings, supported by mysterious competitions involving tasks and riddles. The spy theme was further reinforced by an interesting storyline unfolding with every new post, which kept Ted Baker’s community engaged and coming back for more. 

Within 5 months from its launch, the Mission Impeccable campaign helped Ted Baker to gain over 400,000 new Followers and generate nearly 600,000 interactions. Looking at their strategy, it’s no wonder that the fashion industry is the most engaging on Instagram!


3. Veuve Clicquot: Align Messaging With Brand Image

Veuve Clicquot – a luxury champagne house – was able to convey the brand’s image and company values throughout their content strategy. The company is all about refinement – and so are their Instagram posts. Veuve Clicquot ran multiple Instagram campaigns, such as #LiveClicquot, highlighting the experience of enjoying their champagne, and the high-end Polo Classic which was sponsored by the champagne company and documented with their #VCPoloClassic hashtag.


Their #ClicquotJourney campaign was especially interesting. Veuve Clicquot made a tour across the U.S., partnering up with famous Instagrammers and showcased the stories behind the places they visited together. Although the company’s campaigns had different themes, they all consisted of very elegant photos and videos, thus perfectly aligning with Veuve Clicquot’s sophisticated brand image. With Socialbakers Analytics, we discovered that the company’s strategy was highly effective and resulted in gaining around 9,000 new Followers and generating 144,000 interactions every month of 2016.

4. GoPro: Offer A New Perspective On Company Products

GoPro cameras are well-known to extreme sports enthusiasts, whose photos and videos of breathtaking stunts are often featured on the company’s official Instagram profile. GoPro took a different approach this year by publishing posts showing ordinary activities, such as baking cookies.


The pictures and videos, labelled with the #CaptureDifferent hashtag, demonstrated an alternative use of GoPro cameras, which are commonly associated with recording adrenaline sports. By presenting their products in a different light, the company created content to which their followers could easily relate. GoPro’s strategy is extremely successful, and they continue to create compelling content. This year, the company gained over 3 million new Followers and generated 189 million interactions, which makes them the 7th most engaging profile on Instagram in 2016.

5. PayPal: Provide Compelling Stories Behind Company Services

This year, PayPal launched a campaign showcasing customer stories of how the online money transfer company helped them to achieve different financial goals, be it raising money for university fees or funding a new business. This unique way of presenting PayPal services was well-received by their Instagram audience, which is proven by their audience growth and remarkably high interaction numbers. Over the timespan of the campaign, the company grew its audience by 32% and received 52% of 2016’s total interactions.


The Takeaway

In order to succeed on Instagram, you first need to think of what you want to achieve with your content. Is it encouraging your audience to interact with your posts or prompting them to use your products? Regardless of the goal, you need to follow one unwritten Instagram rule: be creative. Sticking to this principle will increase the effectiveness of your campaigns and, ultimately, help you to achieve your marketing goals. And if you want to see how well you are performing on Instagram, check out our free Instagram analytics tool.

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