New Facebook metric “People Talking About”, why brands should pay attention?

Tomorrow, Facebook is launching the new metric “People Talking About” for Facebook pages, it becomes increasingly important for brands to care about the content they are going to put on the wall! Socialbakers prepares new metric as well, read on.

New Facebook metric “People Talking About”, why brands should pay attention?

People Talking About is one of four metrics Facebook will measure on all Facebook Pages. The metric should be available from tomorrow, and it represents the number of people that are talking about the page, sharing content from the page and further interacting with the page, thus creating stories. Its basically a metric of active fans.

What does this implies to the Facebook brands owners? Focus on creating appealing content on your page! Using our Socialbakers Analytics, you can analyze what content works for you, and also your competitors.

The more engaging content you produce, the more likely is that your fans will share you Page posts, answer questions you post, RSVP-ing to invites you create, mentioning or liking your Page.

What is the conclusion to the marketers and brand page owners? Work your best to increase the likelihood fans will spend time and share content of your page. With these new metrics on Facebook, Socialbakers will obviously be focusing on integrating them into our ranks. With the “People talking about”, it will help you see which fans converted into “married” fans.

These updates will also influence Facebook Insights and their big update (finally). With these updates, Socialbakers will also integrating Facebook Insights into the Socialbakers Analytics dashboard. It is our goal to also help you measure more information on your own pages. The key benefit of Socialbakers Engagement Analytics is, that you can measure everything for your competitors as well, based on fans, interactions, and content. With Facebook Insights integrated, it will be able to tell you more in-depth information about your own pages as well.

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