5 Steps to Optimize Your Post Promotion Strategy

Content promotion is one of the most important part of any marketer's Facebook strategy, as it delivers a significant part of their results on that platform. However, many marketers promote the majority of their Facebook content without assessing it properly first.

5 Steps to Optimize Your Post Promotion Strategy

Promoting the majority of your content is highly risky – data show that it influences the costs of advertising by increasing your Cost-Per-Click (CPC) and Cost-Per-Thousand-Impressions (CPM). Not only that, it also generates more negative feedback, leading to a lower Relevance Score – and increased costs in the future! To make the most of your post promotion budget, follow these simple steps before clicking “boost” the next time:

1. Publish To The Right Audience

Before you publish and promote your content, you need to make sure it’s addressed to the right audience. Start with learning about your community’s demographics, common interests and even cultural values to gain a deeper understanding of their preferences. This will help determine whether your posts are relatable and in your audiences’ tone of voice. Most importantly, every single piece of content should offer value and be relevant to your audience.

2. Focus On The Right Content

Great content lies at the heart of every successful social media strategy. Posts tailored to your audience will improve reach and engagement. To craft relevant content, you need to offer something of value – be it informing your fans and followers about your latest product or providing practical advice. This type of content tends to be shared more because people feel good when they provide their network with something they can benefit from.

Follow These Steps To Create Better Content

3. Publish At The Right Time

Publishing at the right time is about understanding when your audience is online and engaging with your content. To consistently publish at the optimal time, you need to regularly analyze your audience’s behavior and discover a pattern of their increased activity. A good indicator can be monitoring engagement during the holiday season or your last campaign. Tracking your audience’s activity will help you react according to the changes in their behavior.

4. Promote The Right Quality Content

An effective Facebook post promotion strategy starts with choosing the right content. Putting money behind poor quality posts can increase your CPC by 100% and generate 4x more negative feedback. This means that promoting your most effective posts has a real benefit. 


After analyzing 22,386 posts across 2,449 company Facebook Pages, we found that companies promoting their best content earn 65% higher reach and engagement than if they promoted their worst content. We define best content as posts that perform better than 90% of organic content in the last six months, while worst content are posts that perform poorer than half of the organic content over the same time period.

The right promotion strategy can help you amplify engagement – just be sure to invest in the top-performers only.

5. Develop The Right Post Promotion Strategy

Before publishing, you should understand what good content really means within the context of your performance. Start monitoring your top-performing posts over time to see what works best with your audience. Evaluating your posts’ relevance, tone, or type, will enable you to identify content that’s worth promoting. After publishing your latest post, we recommend that you wait to promote it and see how it performs organically in the first few hours – and then selectively invest in the best-performing content.


What’s more, the quality and relevance of your posts has a significant effect on advertising costs. In order to lower your CPC, you need to aim for a higher Relevance Score. Minimizing negative responses by promoting good content only means that you’ll pay less for promoting your posts.

The Takeaway

In order to improve your Facebook content promotion, start with analyzing your audience’s demographics, interests, and behaviors. This information will help you to create relevant, valuable posts that you should publish at the time of the highest activity on your Facebook Page. Before promoting your content, make sure you’re investing only in the best posts and always strive for a high Relevance Score. Following these steps will allow you to effectively enhance your reach and engagement.

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