5 Social Media Marketing Challenges Your Native Tools Won’t Solve

As a social media marketer, you have been doing your best to establish a strong social media presence for your company using platforms' native tools. However, you have soon discovered their limitations and learned that to keep delivering results you're going to need something more. See how a robust social media analytics tool can address those needs, like gaining competitive insights, discovering the optimal publishing time, choosing the right posts to promote, and more.

5 Social Media Marketing Challenges Your Native Tools Won’t Solve

1. You Need To Know How Your Competitors Are Performing

Native tools provide a variety of metrics that give a detailed overview of your performance. This is just half the story. What if you see your metrics growing, indicating your strategy works well, but your competitors’ numbers are growing at twice the speed? To get an objective evaluation of your performance, you need to benchmark yourself against the competition – something you can’t do in native tools.

With Socialbakers Solutions, you can see precisely how you stack up against the competition with a side-by-side comparison of all of your pages across the most important metrics and platforms.


2. You Are Struggling With When to Publish

Discovering the right publishing time is one of the biggest challenges for any social media manager. After all, you need to spend a lot of time studying multiple audience activity charts for each of the pages you are managing. And native tools don’t make the job easier. While they can tell you a lot about your performance, they won’t tell you when you should publish to earn maximum reach and interactions.

With PrimeTime in Socialbakers Solutions, you get precise publishing time recommendations so you can maximize the organic reach and engagement for every Facebook post you make. In addition, it shows how many interactions you’ve missed by not publishing at the recommended time to help you improve your content management strategy.


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3. You Need To Decide Which Posts To Promote

If you’re like most marketers, you may be relying too much on guesswork when choosing content to promote on Facebook. This means you’re potentially investing in bad content, which generates negative feedback and lowers your Relevance Score. As a result, you pay 100% more for Cost-Per-Click (CPC) and 18% more for Cost-Per-Thousand-Impressions (CPM).

To make the most out of your promotion budget, use Performance Prediction – a comprehensive predictive analytics tool enabling you to promote with confidence every time. Performance Prediction uses content grading to assign every organic post a score from A+ to D, making it easy for you to invest only in the best content. Now you can effectively reduce negative feedback, improve the Relevance Score and minimize your advertising costs.

And if you want to compare your content promotion strategy with that of your competition, use Promoted Post Detection. Uncover the paid/organic mix of your competitors’ content and see how effective their strategy is and the scope of your competitive paid environment to ensure you’re always one step ahead.

4. You Need To Find Inspiration For Your Next Great Campaign Or Post

Looking for content inspiration in a multitude of available sources can be overwhelming, especially under time pressure. Since it’s impossible to review all the post ideas, you might be missing out on valuable inspiration that could make the difference between a good and great post or campaign.

With Inspiration PRO in Socialbakers Solutions, you have access to the world’s largest source of social media content inspiration. Browse through over 10 billion top-performing posts across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to find great ideas within seconds. Creating high-quality, effective content has never been easier!


5. You Want To Spend Less Time On Reporting

Reporting with native tools is difficult and time-consuming. If you’re managing multiple social media platforms, you need to pull separate reports, often as complicated and unwieldy Excel files. In addition, platforms often do not offer similar metrics, forcing you to manually adjust to be able to compare them side by side.

With Socialbakers Solutions, you can quickly prepare a clear overview of your performance with easy-to-understand reports within seconds and export them in multiple formats. Whether it’s demonstrating your results or that of the competition, basic metrics or going into detail of your posts, you can label and compare with ease using Socialbakers Campaign View.

The Takeaway

Even though native tools allow you to analyze your performance, they’re not enough to continue growing your social media presence. In order to improve your results, you need to access metrics unavailable in native tools, such as competitive insights. These, along with many others, can be found in a comprehensive social media analytics tool – such as Socialbakers Solutions.

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