Top 5 Social Media Marketing Formats for 2017

Wondering what content types are projected to be big in 2017? Look no further. We put together a top 5 list of the best content advice to help you fill up your content calendar with great posts that will keep engagement high and audiences happy.

Top 5 Social Media Marketing Formats for 2017

Social media has brought together mediums that were (not so long ago) completely separate. Now you can log into your account watch a live broadcast, read the news, and send direct messages – talk about being productive. 

1. Live Video 

Live video took off last year and is going to be huge in 2017. A variety of platforms have incorporated the format, and it’s given their users the ability to capture and share their moments in real-time. There are many benefits that live streaming can offer, here are just some of the reasons why you should strongly consider integrating this format into your own content strategy. As we have mentioned before, live videos are a cost effective way to take your audiences behind the scenes. Not to mention that the unpredictability of live video helps facilitate trust between companies and their community.

Live video also offers something that television can’t – and that’s two way communication. The viewer experience is changed from passive to active on social media. For example, on Facebook, community members are given a voice and are able to chat with each other, or publicly share their thoughts in real-time. Users can press an emoji to simulate their emotions. Companies can leverage audience sentiment through emojis and gain valuable feedback from their comments to continuously improve. Live videos also have a higher probability of being seen, as they are pushed higher up on the News Feed. 

2. Video

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – video is the way to go. When it comes to Facebook, typically videos receive more interactions because they automatically start playing in the News Feed. That’s one sure way to capture the attention of your community. There are so many different routes you can take when creating a video; anything from illustrating how a product works to inspiring your audiences through compelling dialogue and striking visuals. Whether you are a small business or an enterprise brand, there are several ways you can use the power of video to engage your community.

3. Multiple Formats

Facebook’s recent formatting updates are a dream come true for marketers. Adding features such as 360 video/photos and VR have opened up many opportunities for content creators, allowing them to put their viewers in the middle of the action. Immersive content is the future, so try to think about how you can incorporate these formats into your own social media strategy. If you need some inspiration, check out our blog where we highlight some of the best uses of Facebook 360 Video.

4. Instagram Stories

Stories are unique because they have a short 24 hour lifespan. It’s the perfect way to share timely information with your audience, without compromising the integrity of your photo grid or content Instagram feed. We suggest developing specific strategies around your stories, such as updating your audiences about events, blogs, or office parties. These short clips should be related to that day and still offer something of value to your viewers. It’s also a good opportunity to join in on some filter fun – when using stories, don’t shy away from funny add-ons and stickers.

5. Mobile Games

When it comes to gaming – most people don’t immediately think of social media platforms – but that all might change soon. Facebook realized the potential of gaming and made some updates with the social gamer in mind. They launched New Instant Games for the News Feed and on Messenger. This means that users can say goodbye to game app downloads, enabling a smooth cross-platform gaming experience. It will be interesting to see how companies will start to implement games into their social media strategy.


To keep it short, there are tons of exciting ways you can create compelling content that will help you keep your content diverse and entertaining. These are just 5 content ideas to help you get started. 2017 is going to a big year for social media, so don’t be afraid to test out different formats to see what works for you!

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