Socialbakers Suite Is Here!

We are proud to announce Socialbakers Suite - the industry's most advanced all-in-one, end-to-end social media analytics, reporting, publishing, paid social and recommendation suite.

Socialbakers Suite Is Here!

Socialbakers Suite is the culmination of Socialbakers’ 8+ year journey as the pioneers in social media analytics. It’s also a result of our close cooperation with our clients, whose feedback was invaluable to designing an advanced product that directly addresses marketers’ changing needs.

As a pioneer in social media analytics, Socialbakers was at the forefront of industry-defining standards like Engagement Rate and Socially Devoted for social customer care. We have been collecting social media data for over 8 years, tracking nearly 10 million social media profiles daily and accumulating 10 billion content pieces in our database.

Socialbakers’ industry-leading database is the reason we are able to provide the most comprehensive competitive and industry benchmarks around. And the same database is now powering the industry’s most advanced predictive intelligence – delivering data-backed recommendations marketers can act on immediately and see improvement in their organic and paid performance.

Socialbakers’ solutions have been recognized by social media channels, resulting in our becoming a Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer in 2012 and a member of Pinterest’s Marketing Partners Program in early 2017.

So how exactly is the Suite helping marketers elevate their social media marketing?

Socialbakers Suite is an advanced end-to-end solution, enabling marketers to analyze and report on their performance on the competitive and industry level across a multitude of metrics in fully customizable dashboards. It also provides exclusive insights into the paid strategies of the competition and connects social media performance to business goals with social data and business intelligence integration. And by leveraging the power of predictive intelligence, Socialbakers Suite offers actionable recommendations to improve organic and paid content performance and ultimately contribute to increasing social media ROI.

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Socialbakers Suite is the culmination of our commitment to clients, our passion for social media data, and relentless pursuit of innovation.

We would like to give a special thanks to all of our customers that have contributed to building the Suite in ways big and small, our tireless developers and data scientists – and to our families, friends and pets for having patience with us these last few months!

Don’t take our word for it. Take Socialbakers Suite for a 14-day, no-commitment trial. You’ll be up and running in minutes with the most advanced all-in-one, end-to-end social media analytics, reporting, publishing, paid social and recommendation suite.

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