What You Can Learn From Your Competitors’ Promotion Strategies

Have you ever wondered which content your competitors are promoting? How effectively their promotion strategy is working? What if you could see which content they are promoting, when they are promoting it, and how well their promoted content is performing?

What You Can Learn From Your Competitors’ Promotion Strategies

Finding the right balance between paid and organic content can be difficult. Success on social media isn’t necessarily about having a bigger budget. It’s about having a smarter strategy.

Getting access to these insights would allow you to enhance your own strategy to improve your performance and get more out of your budget. You would be able to adapt based on what your competitors are doing or have done in the past. You could react to content promotion trends in your industry or your region.

How Your Promotion Strategy Compares to Competitors

An optimum paid content strategy means you are getting more impact for your money. In social media terms, it means that you’re getting a sufficient amount of interactions from your paid content.

In the example below, we are looking at the paid promotion strategies of three different brands. Company B has an efficient paid strategy and falls into the ‘sweet spot’ on the graph – what we have identified as the optimum paid strategy, where they are promoting fewer than 50% of their posts and receiving 55% to 100% of all interactions from their promoted posts.


In contrast, while Company E is receiving the largest share of paid interactions, they are heavily promoting – 80% of their content is paid. Company A, meanwhile, promotes very few of their posts and receives a proportionate share of interactions from their promoted posts.

Whether you are Company A, B, or E, you now have a better understanding of how your promotion strategy compares to your competitors – insights that you can’t get from native tools and that can only be found in Socialbakers Suite – and now you can take steps to adjust your own promotion strategy going forward.

Improve Paid Content Performance – Plus Much More

Is it Paid or Organic That’s Driving Your Performance?

Marketers often have difficulty identifying which of their content is largely contributing to their number of interactions. Is it organic or is it paid?


Now you can know how you should adjust your posting frequency, timing, and budget based on paid vs organic performance data – both for yourself and for your competitors.

Quickly see whether you are over- or underpromoting your content, and whether your performance is being driven primarily by organic or paid content.

Drill Down to the Post Level and Find the Outliers

While native tools only give you an understanding of your own performance, Socialbakers Suite lets you look at all of your competitors’ content posted over time and quickly spot the outliers: were they promoted? were they organic?


One click reveals the post itself, so you can see whether it was outstanding content or a well-timed promotion push that was responsible for its performance.

How heavily are your competitors promoting content over a specific period of time? Can you spot patterns that would allow you to see when you would have a window to push content out to your own or your competitors’ audiences without risking it interfering with competitors content?

With these unparalleled insights into your competitors’ promotion strategies and performance, you have the insights you need to optimize your own strategy and prove that it’s really not about the budget, but how smartly you use that budget.

Use the insights you find with Promoted Post Detection in Socialbakers Suite to demonstrate you can deliver better results with your current budget. You will be able to make a solid case for increasing promotion budget for the next period, too.

Your competition won’t know what hit them – or that you have been able to see right through their promotion strategy and figure out exactly what they’re doing with their paid/organic content mix.

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