3 Key Takeaways From Engage Prague 2017

The social media conference of the year - Engage Prague 2017 - is already behind us. Each year the event brings together some of the sharpest minds in the industry who share their valuable knowledge, experience, and insights. Read on to get the key takeaways from this year's summit:

3 Key Takeaways From Engage Prague 2017

Engage was a hot topic not only in Prague, but also on social media. Our Facebook live stream was watched by over 100,000 viewers, and reached nearly 2 million users in total! What’s more, our live conference Twitter updates were seen by almost 300,000 people, and we earned 1,500 interactions on our Engage-related content on Instagram.

The popularity of Engage was elevated by inspiring insights from experts representing some of the most renowned companies in the world, including Nestle, NASA, and Greenpeace. Here are the key lessons they shared:

1. Social Is a Crucial Part of Digital Marketing

Social media is becoming an increasingly more important part of digital marketing strategy. As the number of daily active users of social networks keeps increasing, now it’s more important than ever for companies to create powerful strategies that tap into this massive community.

Many people rely on social media for inspiration and recommendations. That’s why marketers shouldn’t underestimate the tremendous potential of using social channels to influence customers’ purchasing decisions, and leverage them to drive targeted traffic to their websites.

Making an impact on customers and directing them to your website starts with crafting compelling stories. Although the more traditional digital marketing channels, such as Google Ads or email blasts, allow you to communicate with your audience, the message you send is often fragmented and impersonal. Social media offers companies a unique opportunity to provide a complete, persuasive story behind your products and to amplify it across platforms.

Most importantly, social media enable marketers to obtain a great amount of in-depth data on campaign performance that they can use to gain valuable insights and improve results.

2. Quality Content Is The Currency of Social

High quality content is the foundation of every great story on social media. It’s the key to capturing the attention of communities on platforms that are oversaturated with posts and ads.

What’s the secret to crafting quality content? Start with finding a reliable source of inspiration. You can look into the most successful campaigns and posts published either by you or your competitors to understand what worked best. For an easy solution to finding most engaging content start with the Socialbakers Content Inspiration to get countless ideas from top-performing content across platforms and industries.

Another way to produce quality content is leveraging influencers – a subject broadly discussed at Engage by Stever Bartlett form the groundbreaking UK agency The Social Chain and Thomas Bata from the global shoemaker Bata.

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Influencers hold great power on social media. They can help you cut through the noise, showcase your products in an original way, and appeal to local communities through personalized content. Above all, influencers are relevant to your audiences in a way your brand is not. In an era where so many purchases are impacted by reviews posted on social media, influencer marketing can become one of the main drivers to increasing your social media ROI.

3. Your Social Media Strategy Has To Be Based On Data

Data is a crucial element behind all the components of your social media strategy. Whether you want to launch a new campaign or publish a simple company update, you need data-oriented approach to get the most out of your activities.

Your social media success is largely dependent on data. In fact, getting ahead of the game will only be possible for those companies capable of building an extensive dataset that they can later use to make connections between multiple metrics to gain insights that can drive their strategy.

Savvy marketers know that it’s not enough to concentrate solely on superficial data, such as profile visits or number of followers. To gain a comprehensive overview of your performance, you need to analyze in-depth metrics, such as Cost-per-Engagement (CPE) or Interactions per 1000 Fans.

An advanced social media solution, such as Socialbakers Suite, allows you to take data analysis to the next level with predictive intelligence. This way, you can use data to not only measure and report on your performance, but also make smarter decisions in your future marketing efforts.

The Takeaway

Engage conferences are a great opportunity to stay on top of latest social media news and meet the world’s leading experts. If you’d like to become a part of the Engage story, get your ticket to Engage 2018 now!

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