How to Increase Reach and Never Miss an Impression

We've all been there before. Hovering our cursor over the "Schedule" button wondering if the time we have selected is the right moment to publish. Unfortunately, our gut feelings aren't always accurate and can often cost us organic impressions and reach. Luckily, with the right tools you can put an end to your social media gambling habits and post with precision.

How to Increase Reach and Never Miss an Impression

Too often marketers are relying on inefficient methods to make posting decisions. One of the most common mistakes is to publish at a standard time on specific days of the week. While this seems to make sense in theory it might be costing marketers impressions in the long run. Some marketers don’t leave anything up to chance and take a data-driven approach, empirically testing out different publishing times to compare results. While the data obtained from this method can be insightful, it’s strenuous and time consuming.

Everyone’s Facebook community is different and best publishing times will vary greatly across pages and a separate strategy needs to be created for each of your managed pages. We analyzed the posting habits of nearly 500 Facebook Business Pages over a six month period and found that nearly 5 billion impressions were missed due to poor timing. By simply posting at the right time you can eliminate missed impressions and extend the lifetime of your post.


Take Socailbakers Suite for a Spin

Increase Organic Reach with Recommended Publishing Times

Getting recommended publishing times allows you to overcome the guesswork and post with certainty. Unlike other social media tools, Prime Time in Socialbakers Suite focuses on both content quality and timing to generate a heat map of optimum posting times. An advanced machine learning algorithm does the hard work for you and analyzes when your audience is the most active online. With the largest number of Pages and posts monitored in the industry you will have access to the most accurate insights. 

Knowing when to post will significantly increase your visibility and enable you to reach your community members when they are most active. With the Best Time to Publish heat map you can know your post’s Possible Impressions immediately, so you can make informed publishing decisions.


If you are publishing frequently you can schedule multiple posts to be published during the most active times to minimize missed revenue opportunities. In this case we can easily identify the best publishing times, by day and time, to achieve the highest number of Possible Impressions. The gradient color scheme gives you the ability to easily distinguish the most effective publishing times. To scale just how effective your post will be, at each point on the heatmap you can also view the exact percentage of Possible Impressions.

Report on Your Impact

Analyzing social media data can take hours, especially when you are trying to calculate how your posting strategy is impacting reach and impressions. Prime Time simplifies this process and shows you how acting on recommended publishing times is reducing your Missed Impressions. Once you’ve seen how much your posting intuition can cost you – you’ll never post blind again. 


Take a look at the example above. Here we can see that this social media manager was not acting on recommended publishing times from January 23rd – January 27th. This cumulatively resulted in thousands of missed impressions. The Missed Impressions chart helps you demonstrate the efficiency of your strategy to your department and company and will allow you to justify your publishing decision with data.

The Takeaway

PrimeTime in the Socialbakers Suite eliminates uncertainty so you can schedule your posts at the right time to maximize your organic impressions. This is especially beneficial, even for your long-term strategy. By generating more organic impressions you are maximizing your reach, which in turn lowers CPC for when you content is promoted. Take off the blindfold and empower your strategy with the best-in-class predictive publishing tool that will help you uplift your visibility across Pages. 

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