Steve Jobs’ Facebook page is now beating the engagement rate records

Followed by the events of the previous week, there has been much noise about Steve Jobs, which translated into his Facebook page as well. In particular, Socialbakers looked at the new metric People Talking About and explains how it is important and what you must do make it even higher.

Steve Jobs’ Facebook page is now beating the engagement rate records

New metric People Talking About is the indicator of fans initiated activity on a particular page, including comments, shares, photo tags, and check-ins. While even the top brands receive on average 0.7% of “people talking engagement”, Jobs page beat them with more than 77%!

These numbers are of significant importance to note in terms of mapping the effects of your page popularity. Since People Talking About is activity triggered by your fans, you would need to understand what are the causes of your page popularity and how you can influence them. Socialbakers metrics are already showing Engagement Score and our Engagement Analytics measure these factors. Soon, we will teach you how to use our metrics and win the battle over the most engaging pages.

Interesting findings from Socialbakers Engagement Analytics show, how big was the increase in the fan growth each day in the past week. On single day in October 5, it was 272 309 fans and the following day even 485 190 fans!

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