Advanced Audience Targeting: What Facebook Marketers Need to Know

Succeeding at Facebook advertising requires not only knowing what content to post, but which audiences to target and when to publish.

Advanced Audience Targeting: What Facebook Marketers Need to Know

With almost 2 billion active users, Facebook is one of the key advertising platforms for retail businesses and brands to reach their customers. The value of having your customers in one place is limitless, but targeting them effectively and with the right content isn’t easy.

Socialbakers teamed up with CPC Strategy to help marketers understand the tactics behind reaching the right people with the right message. Our new guide focuses on what is needed for marketers to know their content will make an impact, and on some of the advanced targeting options available on Facebook that can help them reach their customers effectively.

Find out:

  • Why marketers need to optimize their content before it is promoted to their targeted audiences. 
  • How marketers can leverage Facebook audience targeting by using Custom Audiences, Lookalike Audience, and how they can employ retargeting, and targeting based on interests, behaviors, and demographics.
  • How publishing at the wrong time can result in missed impression opportunities.

Learn to Target the Right Customers With the Right Message

Before marketers begin to delve into the complex targeting options on Facebook, it is crucial to know if the content has a chance at driving engagement. Advertising low quality content that will not receive interactions can be detrimental to your business objectives. We linked content quality to costs, so that marketers can accurately predict what their investment will return for their business.


Knowing what content is most likely to engage is only the first step in advertising. Audience targeting is just as important. And being able to target customers at different stages of their customer journey is central to linking your social media investment to business ROI.

Accurate targeting can make sure you content is sent to the right people, but publishing content at the wrong time can mean you missed an opportunity to reach the most of your customers. Find out how to reach the right audience, at the right time and with the right message by reading the ebook.

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