How Predictive Intelligence Can Empower Your Facebook Promotion Strategy

 How do you decide which content to promote? Do you rely on guesswork, promote on a schedule, or do you run a manual, time-consuming analysis of your previous posts' performance? What if you could always allocate promotion budget only to those posts with the biggest potential to achieve great reach and engagement while minimizing negative feedback?

How Predictive Intelligence Can Empower Your Facebook Promotion Strategy

There are over 65 million business pages on Facebook, 4 million of which are actively advertising on the platform. The competition for audiences’ attention is huge. The right promotion strategy is a must to stay ahead of the competition and effectively reach your audiences on Facebook.

Over the past years, social media marketing budgets have significantly increased. It is becoming more and more important for marketers to use those budgets effectively and show that they are making an impact. However, many companies are struggling with the very foundation of a successful paid strategy – selecting which posts to promote. This is a major problem. No matter the size of your budget, investing in the wrong content can seriously harm your ability to reach audiences on Facebook and increase your costs for doing so.

Socialbakers data shows that as much as 44% of content promoted by companies are their poorest-performing posts. This means that marketers are wasting budgets on ineffective content and generating negative feedback. Negative feedback, in turn, lowers your Facebook Relevance Score, increases your Facebook advertising costs, and damages your brand image. Luckily, there is a way to entirely avoid the negative consequences of promoting wrong content and in turn lowering your advertising costs for the future. It just takes a bit of predictive intelligence-powered analytics.

Test Performance Prediction on Your Pages – and Much More

Use Your Facebook Budget With Confidence

We leveraged the industry’s most extensive social media data set and our proprietary advanced predictive intelligence to develop a set of tools that take all of the risk out of promotion.

It starts with an easy-to-understand post grading system. Each of your organic posts receives a grade (from A+ to D), based on your content’s organic performance and which indicates how well your post will perform in the future.


You won’t have to spend hours manually analyzing your posts’ performance and selecting the ones to promote. And you won’t ever be one of those 44% of marketers who lose money on promoting ineffective content. With Performance Prediction, you can be certain that every investment in Facebook content you make is the right one.

Manage Your Top-Performing Content With Ease

Many marketers don’t keep track of their best posts, thus losing an opportunity to create their own library of content they could potentially promote. In Performance Prediction, you can view all of your top-performing posts along with their future performance in a clear, visual chart.


In addition, you see all of your posts from the past 72 hours that you can easily filter by post grade, age, and type to make precise decisions on where to allocate your budget.


The Takeaway

As more brands are starting to focus on maximizing their social media ROI, it is more important than ever to use tools that enable you to optimize your post promotion strategy.

Socialbakers Performance Prediction gives you everything you need to make accurate content promotion decisions. From an easy-to-understand grading system to an overview of your best posts, our tool makes sure that every dollar you invest on Facebook is money well-spent.

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