Are You Overpaying for Brand Awareness?

Brand awareness is key to getting your brand, service or a new product recognized, but the tactics behind running brand awareness campaigns aren’t as simple as marketers at times take them to be.

Are You Overpaying for Brand Awareness?

Brand awareness isn’t just the game of reaching the most people with your message, it’s about onboarding your customers on the journey to purchase and to do that engagement is necessary. Not only because it is a measure of how well your audience is reacting to your content – it also reduces advertising costs.

Know Your Facebook Advertising Objectives

The cost of ineffective advertising is extremely high. The more marketers are investing into paid social media, the riskier it becomes to advertise without paying attention to the variables affecting cost and in particular the Facebook relevance score.

Facebook allows marketers countless ways to build their campaigns, but some methods are safer than others. While Brand Awareness objectives can be effective at reaching new customers, if marketers are unsure about their content quality and targeting it will be expensive – very expensive.


Unfortunately for marketers, their Brand Awareness campaigns miss the mark the majority of the time. Brands are only able to achieve a median Facebook relevance score of 3.2 for Brand Awareness campaigns, meaning that their advertising spend is not having an impact on people reached.


This doesn’t mean that Brand Awareness as an ad objective is expensive, but for many marketers who don’t test their content quality, it certainly is. Marketers need to be aware of all variables, from targeting, to bidding tactics, to content quality, and they need to adjust these variables continuously to optimize their advertising spend.

What Does It Take to Create High Quality Content?

Advertising Efficiency Is the New Goal

Marketers need to plan their campaigns carefully. Having a strong message to share and content that sets the brand apart is critical, but to advertise effectively marketers need be thoughtful and careful about their ads strategy. Testing content helps marketers identify what stories speak to the audience the most and using data driven insights to promote only the top performing content helps reduce risk and costs. For Brand Awareness strategies, alternative ad objectives like Post Engagement, appear to be paying off for marketers who are selective about their content promotion, but also if they make a content quality mistake, it costs them less.

Facebook is extremely versatile – it allows marketers to be creative in how their campaigns unfold. From brand awareness to sale, multiple ad objectives are available to move the customers towards the purchase. Knowing the cost associated with each allows marketers to advertise efficiently and focus the time and money saved on delivering more content their audiences want.

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