Start Measuring Instagram Insights All in One Place with Socialbakers Suite

Instagram has been growing in numbers and we know marketers are asking for more measurability. Here’s what we’ve done - we’ve taken the platform’s key Insights metrics and given marketers the means to easily cross-compare those metrics all in one tool for the first time in the industry.

Start Measuring Instagram Insights All in One Place with Socialbakers Suite

Marketers are turning towards Instagram, and so is Socialbakers! The platform has grown to 700 million users and more and more brands are looking to invest their money where their audiences are. But to understand the value of the investment, brands need to be able to scale their performance.

We’ve added Instagram overall metrics of Impressions, Reach, Website Clicks and Profile Views into Socialbakers Suite giving marketers a truly new angle to measure their social media activity in one place – an angle that is unparalleled in the industry.

See How Measuring Instagram Performance Will Overhaul Your Social Media

Put the new Instagram metrics to work in your Socialbakers Suite trial. Connect your Instagram Insights and add the new metrics to the Dashboard to build a comprehensive view of your Instagram performance so you can start making even smarter marketing decisions.

What’s more, this feature will make your reporting more efficient – you’ll be able to export a comparative view of all your channels in one report.


What does this mean to you? It will allow you to cross compare the performance of your social media channels in a single easy-to-interpret dashboard and immediately know which of your channels are performing best at any one time.

Knowing where your brand is getting most impressions and reach will show you where your audiences are and where your social media investment should go.

By looking at a side-by-side social media channel comparison for Reach, Impressions, and Page Views paired with engagement metrics enable you to start building a comprehensive picture of which channels are generating the most value. It will make it easy to view where you need to reconsider your social strategy and content quality. That’s the value you get from an integrated social media marketing suite.

The Takeaway

Instagram is no longer a platform marketers can ignore. Brands receive more than double the engagement on Instagram in comparison to Facebook and it’s becoming increasingly more critical that marketers measure if they are leveraging that engagement potential. And now, it has just become a lot easier to do with an extended Instagram metric integration in Socialbakers Suite.

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