LinkedIn Metrics Now in Suite for Consolidated Social Media Measuring

LinkedIn is the largest professional-oriented platform, with over 500 million members and counting. Marketers are continuously using the platform in new ways to communicate with prospective employees and alumni, brand their companies, engage their communities, and find valuable leads. And savvy marketers can use Socialbakers Suite to get all of the most important LinkedIn analytics in the same place as they get the rest of their social media data!

LinkedIn Metrics Now in Suite for Consolidated Social Media Measuring

Senior professionals don’t have the time to browse through Facebook – but most of them are making time for LinkedIn. With millions of C level executives and senior-level influencers on the platform, LinkedIn is a B2B marketing hotspot. Professionals from around the globe flock to LinkedIn to share industry news, stories, and insights which makes a company’s presence on the platform increasingly important.

B2B marketers know that LinkedIn is where they can reach decision-makers who have buying power, which makes LinkedIn the natural place for targeted lead generation and nurturing. However, to truly excel on the platform you need the right tools to accelerate and measure your progress.

Are You Effectively Filling Your Funnel with Social?

LinkedIn’s key role in funneling sales has made measuring results and creating a strategy based on data more important than ever before. And with an abundance of public and private LinkedIn metrics now in Socialbakers Suite, marketers can get a complete picture of their LinkedIn performance in a matter of seconds.

With Suite, marketers can conveniently measure their social media performance in one place across the most important metrics of Total Followers, Growth of Total Followers, Interactions, Interactions per 1K Fans, Number of Posts, and Content (sorted by Date, Interactions, Likes or Comments).

And connecting your LinkedIn Ad Account to Suite will enable marketers to monitor their Sponsored Content Ads, so they can always stay on top of spending and readjust accordingly.

With preset and customizable Dashboard templates available in Suite, marketers can finally bring their public and private performance together. They can use premade LinkedIn templates that are equipped with a wide variety of key metrics to give them a telling overview at a glance.

Or they can design their own templates from scratch to benchmark themselves against their competition, conduct cross-platform comparisons, and much more. Marketers can even share their dashboards with team members, bosses, or clients for easy collaboration, or download a highly visual analysis in PowerPoint or Excel for quick reporting.


The Takeaway

LinkedIn’s role in the B2B marketing space is evolving, which is making the need for smart social media tools more acute for savvy marketers who want to truly excel on the platform. With Socialbakers Suite, marketers get a complete overview of public metrics to see how they stack up against the competition, and tap into private metrics to get more out of their spending – all in the same place they get the rest of their social media analytics.

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