Why Marketers Need to Start Thinking About AI Chatbots

Updated Nov 4, 2020 - Let AI and automation handle the work for you. Boost productivity and focus your attention where it’s important. With the extra time, you can deliver top-quality care to customers who need it most.

Why Marketers Need to Start Thinking About AI Chatbots

More and more customers are using social media to contact businesses, flooding inboxes with hundreds of direct messages. 

Every marketer knows that customer experience is important, so no message should be left unread. However, catering to every single customer from all your social media channels is nearly impossible. 

With AI-driven chatbots and automation, it is possible. You can improve your customer experience and increase your response rate to 100% by simply integrating an AI chatbot into your community management workflow. But first, let’s break down the basics. 

Automate Your Messaging With an AI Chatbot

What Is a Chatbot? 

To put it simply, chatbots are made to simulate human conversation using computer programing and a degree of artificial intelligence. Advanced chatbot technology can help improve your customer experience and range from basic automation to artificial intelligence. According to Statista, the number of users on mobile messaging apps is expected to grow to three billion users by 2022.

When it comes to digital marketing, AI chatbots have taken on many different forms. Enterprises like KLM Airlines created Blue Bot which can connect their passengers with everything from flight information to boarding passes. Instead of deploying their own standalone app, they smartly consolidated all of their botty activity inside Facebook Messenger, which already has 1.3 billion monthly users

On the other end of the spectrum, brands like Tommy Hilfiger have created TMY.GRL chatbot for product discovery. While chatbot had a few kinks to work out, the effort still highlighted how bots can be used to help facilitate a personalized experience for online shoppers. 

AI chatbots can really extend your reach to all your customers. With intelligence, you can even discover conversation patterns to pinpoint problem areas, so you can improve your customer experience.

Improve Your Customer Experience With an AI Chatbot

Responding to every single DM from 10+ social media channels can be overwhelming. It can cost marketers a lot of time and money for something that can be easily handled with automation. 

However, pre-written friendly responses and automating your messaging with an AI Chatbot can  lead to higher response rates and happier customers. 

Here’s how an AI chatbot automates your conversation workflow: 

  1. Direct Messages – A customer sends a direct message via Facebook or Twitter. (e.g. What are your holiday store hours? How do I return a product? What are the sale prices for this product?) 
  2. Automated Friendly Answers – You can create pre-written answer templates that accommodate all common questions — cutting your community workload in half. 
  3. Easily Jump into the Conversation – For serious and complex questions, AI chatbots can notify community managers and seamlessly hand off the conversation. 
  4. AI Learning – With detailed analytics, you can spot patterns in conversations and pinpoint problems to improve your chatbot. 

Make Community Management Easier With an AI Chatbot

Ultimately, customers want to feel heard. Long delays in responses and robotic answers can be detrimental to how customers perceive your brand. With the help of automation, you can focus on the customers who need help the most. Poor customer experiences can destroy brands. Even if people love a brand or a product, 59% will walk away after several bad experiences. Find out more in the latest Chatbot study.

Why Chatbots Are Important

Messaging apps are becoming so convenient for people to communicate with businesses. A Facebook Messenger survey revealed that 7 in 10 businesses think they’re communicating effectively with customers, however, only 2 in 10 customers agreed in the survey.

Integrating AI chatbots for customer inquiries across digital channels could solve human-led customer service problems, such as low question response rate and ratio of questions answered – all while conversing with customers in a way that’s comfortable for them. 

Now, here’s an example.  

Astute, a consumer engagement software that helps organizations improve their customer experience online, created Astute Bot that helps customers to find answers to common questions and inquiries. 

In Forrester study with an online women’s accessory retailer (sales volume of $80 million), they want to better understand the costs, benefits, and risks of integrating an Astute Bot into the retailer’s workflows. Here’s what they have found:

  • 301% Return On Investment
  • $599,000 Net Present Value
  • 16% Contact Deflection Rate
  • $219,000 New Sales Driven
  • 89% Customer Satisfaction Rating Up From 83%

With these results, marketers will start to incorporate AI chatbots into their workflows, giving it more of a permanent role in their customer journey plans.

The Takeaway

As users flock to messaging apps, marketers can integrate chatbots into their social media strategy. With the sheer number of active users, it’s clear that messenger apps are on the way to becoming an umbrella for a multitude of other functions to give users access to convenience beyond simply chatting. 

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