Is It Time for Your Brand to Start 360° Facebook Live Streaming?

Marketers know that Live social media content is one of the most effective ways to increase organic reach for their brand. While many marketers found ways to use conventional Live videos, they have not incorporate 360° Live content into their own social media marketing strategy.

Is It Time for Your Brand to Start 360° Facebook Live Streaming?

Facebook began testing the feature with select partners in December of 2016 and made it available for the rest of marketers in March of 2017. In the Socialbakers investigation below, we evaluate the benefits of the new format to marketers.

What We Found

We discovered that only 2% of the top 1000 largest global media pages have posted Live 360° content.

As with regular Facebook Live videos, media publishers are ahead of brands when it comes to 360° Live content. Only 4 out of the top 1000 largest brand pages have posted spherical Live video in 2017. For top 1000 media pages, the number is at 19.

There’s no dispute that adoption is low, but what about engagement figures?

We uncovered that 15 out of the 19 media pages that have tried the new format saw more interactions on their 360° Live content than on regular Facebook Live videos. While the sample is too small to draw any concrete conclusions, it hints that there’s incentive for marketers to experiment with new social media content formats and even beat the competition to it.

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What Has Worked

Some of the publishers above have been experimenting with the format even before the global roll out in March. The most successful use of Live 360° to date was the Live streaming of President Trump’s inauguration on Fox News that gained over 300,000 interactions, with roughly 50,000 shares and 7.5 million views. An event the scale of a presidential inauguration is unlikely for many brands to achieve, however, it hints at the potential of the format to give users a chance to be part of events they wouldn’t otherwise experience. Such spherical experience was used well by the BBC news who used the format to take users to the epicenter of the circus space at Glastonbury.


The Takeaway

When marketers talk about 360° content it is very often in the context of VR. Facebook Live 360° content is another bridge towards VR becoming an everyday experience. While only 2% of media pages have been experimenting with it, those who weren’t afraid to pioneer social media marketing in the new format were rewarded with high engagement. The only variable standing in the way at the moment is technology, but it is a variable that is changing fast, and we can expect to see more Live 360° content used by media and brands alike.

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