Authenticity in the World of Social Media Advertising

With ad blockers on the rise, companies need to prioritize natural, non-disruptive advertising strategies. But how do you make your marketing less intrusive and more effective at the same time? Read on to find out!

Authenticity in the World of Social Media Advertising

Mary Meeker’s 2017 Internet Trends report concluded that ad blocking software is increasing in popularity. Roughly 400 million mobile devices and 240 million desktop devices used ad blocking software in 2016.

Many factors impact a consumer’s decision to hide online adverts. One of them is the low quality and relevance of ads – something that can be fixed by amping up your content strategy and targeting.

What’s more difficult to tackle is the issue of oversaturating social media platforms with low-grade ads. With over 4 million advertisers on Facebook alone, marketing teams have to work hard to create great content that would help their brand stand out.

How to Make your Advertising Strategy Engaging rather than Self-Promoting

Knowing one’s audience is essential when it comes to effective advertising. In doing so, you can facilitate the creation of powerful content that will encourage consumers to enjoy, not hide, your ads.

Get to Know Your Audience

The relationship you’re building with your audience should be based on collecting and analyzing all the available insights. The more you know about users following your company on social media, the more tailored adverts you craft. As a result, you’re able to produce content that matters to your customers and doesn’t appear to be pushy.

Boost Your Social Media Performance

Here’s how you can learn about your audience:

  • Facebook Audience Insights – this is a great source of in-depth information about your community, including their demographics, interests, and even lifestyles. 
  • Surveys – conducting surveys can help you gain answers to specific questions about your business that are often impossible to learn otherwise.
  • Engagement monitoring – looking into your most engaging content with a social media analytics tool allows you to accurately pinpoint your audience’s behaviors and preferences.

Interact With Your Community

Creating seamless advertising experiences is not only about engaging your audience, but also about inviting them to an active dialogue. Daily interaction with your fans and followers is key to humanizing your brand and gaining customer trust.

Every single question and comment posted to your page is a perfect opportunity to spark a discussion – possibly one involving your products or services. Don’t miss out on this chance and thread your company in the conversations whenever suitable.

Tap Into the Latest Buzz

Promoting your business in the context of the trending topics can be tricky, but it pays off greatly if done right. Again, it’s all about your audience and finding out what gets them talking.

A social listening tool will come in handy in discovering things that are popular on the web. Whether it’s a global event or a local gathering, there’s always a way to leverage the latest buzz for advertising. The key is being timely and creative – once you have that under your belt, you’ll be able to align your ads with the ongoing discussions and make them less intrusive.

The Takeaway

Internet users are becoming increasingly frustrated with bland, inauthentic social media ads. As a result, advertisers need to rethink existing marketing strategies and focus on having a conversation with their audience rather than on pushing content at them.

By openly discussing topics relevant to your customers, you become more valuable to them as a company. This enables you to strengthen your online presence and bond with the community, therefore improving the effectiveness of your advertising while simultaneously reducing advertising costs.

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