Top 4 Pinterest Formats Every Social Media Manager Should Know

Back in September Pinterest announced that they have hit the 250 million daily active users milestone. By now most of the brands know they need to publish on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, but should marketers add another social media platform to their list?

Top 4 Pinterest Formats Every Social Media Manager Should Know

Pinterest has come a long way since their invite-only startup days. The platform has evolved into a hub of creative content that happy Pinners save to their dedicated boards to get content inspiration for everything from cooking to DIY projects. While brands have long-used the power of Pinterest, advertising on the platform is still fairly new. This means that social media managers have a huge advantage and can easily create and promote Pins that will stand out in a crowded environment.

Let’s dig into some of Pinterest’s best formats:

1. Buyable Pins 

When it comes to social media – convenience is everything. Pinterest has made it easier than ever before for users to take their inspiration and place it directly into their digital shopping cart, all without leaving the app. E-commerce brands shouldn’t wait to use this format, especially since Pinners are browsing through the platform with their wallets open. That’s right, according to Pinterest 93% of people said that they go to the platform for the sole purpose of planning a purchase. To make the user experience as smooth as possible, Buyable Pins could be your best bet, helping you convert your leads into sales.


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2. Rich Pins

One Pin can go a long way. With Rich Pins, social media managers have the ability to add depth to their posts. If you have important information that you want to appear directly in the Pin, then Rich Pins are a perfect option. Your viewers will focus on what you want them to see.

There are four different types of Rich Pins: app, product, recipe, and article. Whether you are an FMCG brand that wants to include a quick and easy recipe up front or a business that wants their Pins to reflect real-time pricing, Rich Pins have got you covered.


4. Cinematic Pin

The Cinematic Pin is a scroll stopper that will surely help your Pin stand out. After all, you already invest a lot of money and effort into producing your content on other platforms, so why not cross-publish to Pinterest? When scrolling through content, the Cinematic Pin automatically starts playing a short clip that smartly contrasts with the surrounding static photos. Brands on Pinterest can take advantage of this feature and create unique videos that demonstrate the value of a product while outshining competing Pins.

The Takeaway

Pinterest has been quick to monetize, developing innovative post and ad formats for brands that stand out from any other platform. Pinterest is unique because they are able to seamlessly integrate business content with user-generated content. In contrast to other social networking sites, users predominantly prefer to follow their favorite brands and stores over celebrities. With that being said, it’s no surprise that over two-thirds of all saved content come from businesses that advertise on Pinterest.

With the huge buying intent from Pinners, Pinterest is becoming a platform that social media managers should keep their eye on. Integrating Pinterest into your social media strategy can be as easy as publishing your content across platforms from one place and seeing how it performs next to your other social channels.

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