How to Build a Winning Instagram Marketing Strategy

Over the course of a few years, Instagram has become one of the most important social media platforms. As marketing investments in the channel grow, marketers have to start developing comprehensive marketing strategies on the channel built to reach their audiences effectively and make the most of their advertising budgets.

How to Build a Winning Instagram Marketing Strategy

Instagram is no longer just a photo-sharing phone app – today, the platform is a powerful social media marketing tool that enables businesses to reach a massive audience of over 800 million monthly active users and generate significant business outcomes.

The size of the Instagram community is a great asset that’s currently being leveraged by 2 million brands and media companies across the world. It is more than likely that this number will only increase in the future. Brands are getting more serious about the platform, but how can marketers act now to prepare and build smarter Instagram marketing strategies?

What exactly is a smart marketing strategy on Instagram? It is a strategy that maximizes efficiency and eliminates risk; one that takes into consideration the advertising strategies of competitors and employs all marketing technology, machine learning, and insights available to see the full performance picture. It is a strategy that delivers the best possible results, one step ahead of the competition. Making this strategy a reality begins by taking the 3 first steps:

Building content based on the best Instagram post ideas

Great content is the foundation of any successful social media strategy. This especially holds true on Instagram, which is built on eye-catching visuals and compelling captions. Creating great posts stems from having the best ideas. At this stage, marketers have to look at what’s working for others and narrow it down to the most creative and effective Instagram post ideas.


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It doesn’t have to be difficult if there’s a large pool of posts to draw inspiration from. Using Socialbakers Content Inspiration, marketers can access a single content library of top-performing Instagram posts across keywords most relevant to them and use it as a canvas to create more powerful content.

Promoting only the most effective Instagram posts

Promoting Instagram content is a means of ensuring it reaches and engages a maximum share of the audience. However, investing in the posts with the biggest potential to do that can be challenging. Many marketers rely on guesswork when selecting content to promote, which can lead to missed opportunities, generate negative feedback, and increase the overall costs of Instagram advertising.


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Use AI to Scale Your Instagram Performance

Socialbakers Post Performance Prediction for Instagram leverages AI to help marketers minimize risk and get the most out of their advertising on the platform. Knowing which content is predicted to succeed organically enables marketers to make more strategic budget investments on Instagram and promote only the posts that will get the most engagement for their brand.

Gathering competitive Instagram insights

Optimizing the promotion strategy on Instagram is integral to delivering the best results per dollar spent. But to truly know if marketers are ahead of the game, they need to know how their competitors promote content on the platform.


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Socialbakers Promoted Post Detection for Instagram enables marketers to clearly evaluate the competition’s post promotion strategy. It helps marketers see the content their competitors are promoting, find out when and how effectively they’re promoting it, and look into their ratio of promoted versus organic interactions. With Promoted Post Detection, marketers can gain a new level of competitive Instagram insights, make proactive, strategic budget decisions, and surpass the competition.

The Takeaway

Instagram is becoming increasingly popular, which poses an undeniable opportunity for businesses to expand their social media marketing efforts. Socialbakers’ Performance Optimization features for Facebook have already helped marketers benefit from the platform, and the same features can deliver efficiency and tangible business results from Instagram. Now, marketers can make AI-driven decisions across two of the leading channels on social media, Instagram and Facebook, and see their platform insights alongside key social media metrics in a single Dashboard using one end-to-end social media marketing suite.

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