3 Data-Driven Reasons Why Instagram Marketing Works

Instagram is a highly popular online advertising channel that's bringing value to two million marketers across the world. Are you one of them? If not, read on to discover three data-driven reasons why your company should embrace Instagram marketing.

3 Data-Driven Reasons Why Instagram Marketing Works

Recently, Instagram has been rapidly expanding its user base. In September 2017, the network’s audience size reached a whopping 800M monthly active users – a 100M increase from just April 2017. This poses an undeniable opportunity for brands who can leverage Instagram’s community as a source of potential customers.

Our data shows that brands can reach and engage the Instagram audiences quite easily, which makes their marketing efforts that much more effective.

However, if you’re still not tapping into Instagram’s marketing potential, here are three data-based reasons why it’s time to do it:

1. You can reach nearly 25% of your target audience with each organic Instagram post


Marketers can achieve really high organic reach on Instagram. Our analysis of nearly 214,000 Facebook and Instagram posts found that the median Instagram reach is as much as 24% – over 3x more compared to Facebook. This means that each Instagram post you publish is seen by roughly a quarter of your audience, which can help you effectively raise brand awareness and create more business opportunities.

2. Instagram posts gain 6x more interactions compared to Facebook posts

We looked into the number of interactions received by content on Instagram and Facebook and discovered that Instagram posts are over 6x more engaging per reach compared to Facebook posts.


Our data has also shown that the biggest difference between Instagram and Facebook engagement lies in the video content. While almost 5% of companies’ Instagram audience interact with video content when they see it, this number is closer to one percent in the case of Facebook.

Organic only goes half the way – use AI to lead your paid Instagram strategy

Instagram’s high engagement is one of the platform’s biggest assets that can be leveraged by companies in many creative ways – from enhancing customer relationships and brand image to driving website traffic and boosting conversion rates.

3. 99% of Instagram profiles outperform Facebook profiles in terms of interactions per reach

Our comparison of the same brands’ profiles on Instagram and Facebook proved that Instagram profiles achieve much better results overall than the Facebook ones. As much as 99% of Instagram profiles outperform Facebook profiles in terms of interactions per reach and interactions per impressions.


What’s more, around 80% of Instagram profiles achieve better organic impressions and reach per audience when compared to Facebook profiles.


What does it mean for marketers? Their content will most likely perform better organically on Instagram than on Facebook, which is a natural thing, stemming from the platforms’ differing characteristics.

The Takeaway

While Instagram can surely help companies achieve great results, the platform should complement, rather than lead a brand’s social media marketing strategy. Facebook is still the integral platform that helps marketers achieve more concrete business goals, such as driving web traffic or generating sales. Instagram, in turn, is the choice for brand awareness campaigning due to its high reach and engagement, but if brands are set to make the most of what the growing platform offers – now is the time to optimize how they approach Instagram marketing.

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