Battle of the Most Engaging Television Shows on Social Media

Battle of the Most Engaging Television Shows on Social Media

If there is one thing 2017 has not been short of – it’s great television. We took our eyes off the screen to take a look at how the newest shows are performing on social media. Are the best-reviewed shows raking in the most engagement? Or are they getting more love from critics than their social fans? Read on to find out how the latest shows are performing across Facebook.

How Fans Interacted with New Television Series Before Their Premiere

Tis the season of television premieres and American networks across the board have been busy promoting their new shows across digital channels. When it comes to social media, the average number of Interactions for the dominate television networks in the USA, largely depends on highly anticipated shows.

This is easily shown in the chart below. Though ABC had a total of five shows, compared to NBC, who only had a total of three – they are significantly lagging behind in terms of Interactions. NBC’s engagement shot through the roof with 2x more Interactions compared to their competitor ABC.

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NBC’s Facebook success can definitely be attributed to the revival of “Will & Grace.” After an eleven year gap, the Emmy-award winning sitcom returned to television – which did not go unnoticed on social media.

When taking a look at the 20 new television shows airing across 5 of the largest American networks, “Will & Grace” came out as a clear winner receiving more than 1 million Interactions one month prior to the show’s premiere. In contrast, Fox’s “Ghosted” came in last with less than 3,000 total interactions.

Social Media Activity After Television Premiere Date

Online review websites like Rotten Tomatoes and IMDB have become an important tool for audiences which can influence their willingness to keep up with a show. On one end of the spectrum, shows like the “The Good Doctor”’ have an average Fan Growth that perfectly aligns with their IMDB score. In fact, the “Good Doctor” has grown their audience by 4x since their first episode went live! This can’t be said for any other of the featured television shows.

“Young Sheldon” on the other hand didn’t receive much love from critics with an IMDB score of 6.2 out of 10. The show was receiving a healthy amount of Likes up until the first episode aired.

However, after the pilot, the growth of new Fans significantly dropped. Coincidence? We think not. Nevertheless, we still can’t ignore that “Young Sheldon” has come in third place when it comes to Fan Growth, growing an average of 2,100 new Fans per day since its premiere.

Sometimes the sheer reviews – have nothing to do with the Facebook performance of a television page. For example, though HBO’s new show, “The Deuce” has an impressive IMDB score of 8.3, their Facebook performance is struggling. We can also infer that since HBO is a premium cable network, that the audience is more limited compared to the broadcast networks analyzed.

The Takeaway

New television shows have been leaving their mark on Facebook. According to Socialbakers, a show’s spotless IMDB score – is no guarantee that the show will fare well on social media.

More and more Fans are seeking out their interests on social media in order to get updated on the latest news, and TV is no exception. With the rise of online streaming services like Facebook Watch, users will have even more viewing options – on a platform they already use! In order to attract users and engage a loyal following, we can expect to see a demand for longer form serial content on social media.

If you are already looking to prepare for the future, be sure to read our blog to find out how you can start leveraging video trends.

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