6 Ways to Improve Your Videos on Facebook With Dynamic Benchmarks

Facebook video is a hot topic on social media. Ever since, Facebook assured marketers that the trend is guaranteed to carry over to 2018, everyone has rushed to find out how they can build more videos to meet the content demands of their audiences. However, as output increases, so does the need for valid measurement techniques. To get even better at what you do you need to know how your videos stack up to the rest of the market. Do you need to turn up the frequency of your videos, or scale back on spending? Find out where you stand and get tailored recommendations that will help you transform your video insights into action.

6 Ways to Improve Your Videos on Facebook With Dynamic Benchmarks

Savvy social media marketers know that to stay one step ahead on social they need to create compelling video content. But how do you know if your Facebook videos are effective if you don’t know how they stack up against the millions of videos out there? Before you know what makes a great video, you first need to know where you stand.

Find Out How Your Videos Stack Up

Find out which category you fit into and learn what you need to do to maximize the effectiveness of your videos:

1. Your Videos Get High Total Views and High 30 Second Views

If this is you – then you clearly know what you are doing. In fact, you may be able to share some of your tips with us! Your videos on Facebook are clearly checking all the right boxes which means you can ask for an increase in budget to create even more successful video content!

Recommendation: Make your accomplishments known! Be sure to regularly report on the health of your videos. Using automated reporting will help take the stress off, and give you the insights you need to demonstrate the value of your efforts in seconds.

2. You Have Low Total and Paid Views but High 30 Second Views

This is actually a good thing! It means that your content is hitting the all the right marks and truly resonating with your audiences. The duration of Facebook video views here illustrates that you clearly know what you are doing. The problem? Not enough people are seeing this great content – which is a shame.

Recommendation: To overcome this challenge you need to enhance your promotion tactics. Your content is too good to solely rely on organic content. Since you invested so much time and resources creating this video you should consider putting a little budget behind it to get the results it deserves. Before you spend – scale what budget you’ll need to compete in your market.

3. You Have Low Total Views

In short, this means that you aren’t posting enough videos to be competitive on Facebook. This doesn’t mean you are doing anything wrong, only that you have an opportunity to become skilled in another content format, which can impress and engage your audiences.

Recommendation: Know what is considered a healthy amount of posted videos in your industry. Dig deep into the data and find out if your competitors are posting more or less than you are. Getting the numbers behind the social media trends in your industry gives you valuable ammunition to justify the need for more video content.

4. You Have High Total and Paid Views but Your Paid 10-30 Second Views Are Low

In this scenario, your content is performing well organically. While you are reaching a lot of people with your video content – they may not be the right ones. Though your brand awareness might rise, the metrics you’ve defined as success KPIs might be on the decline.

Recommendation: You may want to revisit the audiences you are targeting. Is there a way you can adjust your targeting so your content can reach the right audiences? If you decide to experiment be sure to track your results consistently so you can assess if your performance is improving or not.

5. You Have Low Unique and 10-30 Second Paid Views

It’s possible that your audiences may feel that they are seeing your videos a little too much, and those that are seeing it aren’t reacting to it very well. As a result, you aren’t getting enough value out of your promoted content.

Recommendation: Revisit your audience segments and determine if it is too narrow. You may also want to revisit your spending and find out if you are promoting when you shouldn’t. To improve the quality of your content be sure to learn from the best-performing posts on social media so you can learn what’s working across platforms. Always keep an eye on your CPC and CPM and know if they are increasing or decreasing as a result of your new tactics.

6. You Have High Total Views but Low 10-30 Second Views for Both Paid and Organic Posts

This is the worst possible case – but it can still be fixed! If this is what you are experiencing it means that you are promoting your low-quality content too much. Though you are putting money behind this content, it is not resonating with your audiences.

Recommendation: Take a look at your private metrics and try to understand where your audiences are falling off. The easy solution is to create better quality content – once your posts are in-line with the interests of your audience, everything else will fall into place. To know what kind of content you should promote use AI to predict what will perform best. Alternatively, compare your News Feed against the competition and seek out best-performing content. You can create and quick and easy multi-compare reports that will show you key differences and similarities between you and your competition.


It’s not enough for marketers to jump on the video trend. They need to develop an effective Facebook video strategy based on data to assess their progress over time. For the first time ever, marketers can break away from historical data and know how their videos are performing across their industry, country or region. Benchmarking the performance of video content will enable marketers to demonstrate impact while proving that allocated budget is being used to achieve maximum results.

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