Know What to Post on Instagram With Endless Inspiration

It’s no secret that creating quality content can set you apart from your competition, therefore making your job significantly easier. However, coming up with scroll-stopping content to compete in the 24-hour social media space can be a challenge. If you’re looking for ways to spice up your Instagram Feed then you are in the right place. Below, we evaluate what’s working on the iconic visual platform.

Know What to Post on Instagram With Endless Inspiration

Instagram is a thriving social media platform that boasts over 800 million monthly active users. Each of them are constantly seeking out content from businesses. The visual platform has revealed many creative avenues for marketers- from Instagram Stories to ad creation – making the platform easier to advertise on than ever before. To receive stellar Instagram post ideas, marketers need to answer the most important question: How do they decide what to post on Instagram? Understanding what excellent content looks like will enable them to create content their audiences will enjoy interacting with. 

Wondering What You Should Post on Instagram

Discover The Best-Performing Content on Instagram

With access to the largest social media content library, you will never have to ask yourself what to post on Instagram. Instead of spending countless hours scrolling for content inspiration, you will can to find Instagram post ideas in seconds. Whether you are looking to cash in on the holiday buzz or create that final post for your social media campaign, Inspiration in Socialbakers Suite will have you covered.


Know Which Post Types Are Making a Strong Impact

Instagram is no longer dominated solely by photos. Videos and carousel post types have been added to the mix, thus giving marketers more content flexibility. Of course, having more options also means more content. This can pose a problem for the everyday social media manager who may not know how to differentiate one post type from the next in order to receive maximum engagement.

To overcome this challenge, marketers can sift through billions of photos, carousel posts, and/or videos on Instagram to conduct a thorough content analysis. This will eliminate all of the hassle associated with the complex Instagram marketing landscape. In doing so, they can easily identify what is working with Instagram audiences.

Cross Over to Other Platforms

Instagram is only one part of the story. Today, social media marketers need to be well-versed in many different social media channels. Marketers will also be able to cross over to other social channels to discover best performing content on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. Rather than going to each individual platform to see what’s trending, marketers can have it all in one place.


The social media environment is non-stop, which means digital marketers hardly have time to blink before it’s time for them to prepare their next post. Finding inspiration for your campaign should be fun, simple, and seamless- with the right solution it can be! By knowing what to post on Instagram, marketers can take their current content creation outside of their bubble and learn what’s working for other brands and industries.

Excellent, effective content on Instagram is about winning over audiences who love highly visual content. Luckily, you no longer have to wonder how to best produce this content. Discover what makes audiences double tap on Instagram and start creating posts that will deliver results!

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