How Industries Are Spicing Up Their Holiday Content on Social Media

The holidays are a special time of year, and brands are constantly scrambling to get their content and campaigns right. During the most joyous season, Facebook audiences yearn for Christmas content that will evoke emotion, or help inspire gift ideas. That’s where savvy social media marketers can step in. To see how digital elves are spreading cheer, we took a look at some of the best-performing posts by industry. See which Christmas posts made it to the top and learn their secrets to improve your own holiday content marketing.

How Industries Are Spicing Up Their Holiday Content on Social Media

Putting together effective holiday social media marketing campaigns is often easier said than done. Afterall, it feels like we just got over making spooky Halloween content, doesn’t it? Luckily, this time of year opens up many opportunities for marketers to get creative and inspire audiences to rally behind their brands, products, and promotions. We rounded up some of the most outstanding Christmas content, to get you in the spirit.

Want to Know What Content Audiences Love in Your Industry?

Here are our top 5 Christmas Post picks:

1. FMCG: Giving Moms a Break From Christmas

Yoplait yogurt typically doesn’t scream holidays. We know that sugary treats tend to be the Christmas favorite for children – but what about moms? The American yogurt brand knows their target audience and has adapted their content to speak to this specific group. Even their cover photo and Facebook Profile picture feature the slogan: “Mom on.”


In Yoplait’s Christmas post they announced their partnership with the comedy film Bad Moms. The post was a hit with Yoplait’s Facebook community, receiving nearly 65,000 Total Interactions! While not every brand has the budget to team up with a Hollywood movie – they do have access to social media data. In this example alone we can see how important it is to understand your audience. By looking at your audience’s interests on Facebook you can find out what their Likes and interests are to create content that truly resonates with them.

2. Retail: Turning Christmas on Its Head

We can’t say that we are surprised to see Marks and Spencers on this list! It’s obvious that the English retailer is skilled in holiday advertising, seeing that their one Christmas Advert post ranked among the highest – acquiring more than 400,000 Total Interactions. However, their second-best post really takes the cake.

Humour can go a long way – no matter what time of year is it. Audiences on social media gravitate towards posts that stand out and prompt emotion. When marketers have an awe-worthy product to promote it’s a double whammy, as they can advertise a product – without obviously doing so.


Marks and Spencer’s got into the holiday spirit and created a Christmas post that displayed their for-sale Santa cake. The cake itself is comical, which could stop any eager shopper mid scroll. The post received over 35,000 Total Interactions, 2,000 of which were Love Reactions. And the best part? Party planners can click on the link in the post to be taken directly to the buy page.

TIP: This doesn’t mean that posting all of your holiday-themed products will be a hit with your audiences. Instead, be selective about which products you post to your Timeline. Put yourself in your audience’s’ shoes and ask yourself what they need to really make their Christmas special.

3. Fashion: Dressing up Christmas in Style

Spanish fashion brand Desigual stole the show this year, with their highest performing Christmas post ranking in nearly 26,000 Total Interactions. While this particular post outshined others, it’s important to note that it was just one out of a series. In fact, even Desigual’s cover photo perfectly matches the look and feel of their holiday content which adds to the fashion-forward aesthetics of the Page as a whole.


Sometimes even the most simple posts have striking results. This post screams Christmas with red and green colors, complimented by elegant packaging. It’s clear from the description text that Desigual was exclusively talking to men, using the short but sweet phrase, “surprise her for Christmas.” The text complemented by the strong visuals have audiences already envisioning their future gift exchange.

What’s more impressive is how much of a conversation starter this post was, receiving 1,520 comments. Desigual blew us away with their great community engagement. In this example, they respond to their admirer and even ask her to share her own images, which is a smart way to induct social audiences as brand ambassadors, allowing them to reach even more of their target groups in a natural way.

TIP: Find ways to start conversations with your Fans! If they are commenting on your posts be sure to reply to as many as you can in a timely manner. Like Desigual, you may come across strong brand advocates. Don’t be afraid to reach out and ask them to share their photos and experiences. After all, this will help your brand get even more visibility while helping establish a positive brand-to-customer relationship.

4. Accommodation: A Fudging Awesome Christmas Tree

On the first day of the month, brands can comfortably box up fall feels to officially make room for winter decor. The Four Seasons Hotel and Resorts did just that. Upon first glance, this post just looks like an average behind-the-scenes post. But after taking a glance at the description text it becomes clear that this is not your average Christmas tree. 70 kg of not-average to be exact.


The Four Seasons smartly sneaks in their sweet facts while also declaring that this sugar bomb was crafted by one of their very own pastry chefs. As a result, the hotel chain is able to associate their brand with luxury and prestige, illustrating that their staff are experienced professionals. It’s an outstanding way to demonstrate to Facebook audiences that Four Seasons can be their home away from home for the holidays. The results speak for themselves! This image alone garnered more than 24,000 Total Interactions.

5. Beverages: Holiday Cheer Shaken or Stirred?

Chances are you don’t think of vodka when Christmas rolls around. Naturally, spiced rum or spiked eggnog are the labeled holiday beverage of choice. Grey Goose didn’t accept their fate as a party-only drink and flexed their flavors to show the drink’s diversity in this Facebook post.


To tap into the holiday season Grey Goose positioned their alcohol as a holiday drink – simply by adding a few festive ingredients to the mix. They call it: the Grey Goose Espresso Martini. While the clip is essentially a how-to video, it has the classy feel of an upscale commercial. Perhaps adults can swap Santa’s milk with one of these this year.

TIP: Using video was a great way Grey Goose to capture the attention of their audiences. With Facebook’s projection that video content will hit all-time highs in 2018, it’s better to think in terms of videos – sooner rather than later.


During the holidays, brands get to show their audiences what they’re made of. ‘Tis the season of shopping, and marketers strive to provide their audiences with helpful content that is delivered straight to their News Feed. During this time of year, shoppers are at the tail end of the buyer’s journey and are ready to take the next step. It’s marketers’ job to understand how to guide their audiences in the right direction – and with a little inspiration, it can be easy.

Find out which brands are paving the way in your industry, and learn what best-performing Christmas content looks like.

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