How Do Brands Regram on Instagram?

Instagram announced late November that they would be testing out a new Regram button. While some are rejoicing for the change, others are not in support of a new feature. To give you a leg up on the approaching Regram button, we dug up some data from brands that have already been embracing this practice. Now that regraming is as easy are pressing a button the real question is - does it pay to regram?

How Do Brands Regram on Instagram?

While the Regram button might be new for Instagram, it’s common practice on social media. On platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr you can easily share a piece of content with your Fans and Followers. 

However, when it comes to Instagram, sharing content from other pages has never been so clear-cut. When a brand or user does want to share a post they either have to take a screenshot on their phone and build a post from scratch or download a third-party app. 

Instagram’s new feature would completely cut out the middleman while simplifying the ability for users to share content with their audiences. But does it actually pay to Regram?


The Performance of Regrammed Posts: Brands Vs. Celebrities

For brands that do use a third-party app, it’s common practice to use hashtags such as #Regram or #Repost. This indicates to followers that the content has been taken from another source. Using these hashtags we were able to get some insight into the performance of regrammed posts – before the feature is even unleashed.

To get to the bottom of the effectiveness of Regrams, we examined approximately 5,300 Brands and 2,050 Celebrity Profiles on Instagram that regrammed at least once from June – November 2017. According to the data, it’s clear that Followers of Celebrity Profiles prefer original content over regrammed content – but the same isn’t true for brands!

In fact, we found that even though regrammed content from brands only made up 8% of all of their Instagram content, regrammed posts received more interactions. When looking at all brands Regrams received 6.5% more interactions on average. For airlines the difference is even more significant with Regrams performing 36.2% better than original content on average. This is an indication that there is a huge potential for brands when it comes to this new shiny button.


Can you find your industry on the list? Find Out What Others Are Doing Right

We can also see that it’s important to not over regram. For example, though Healthcare, Software, and Household Goods Profiles post the largest percentage of Regrams, they actually perform worse than their original content. 

This goes to show that no matter what industry you are in, you should carefully select which content is regrammable. Always be sure to measure how your audiences respond to different types of content, what works for other brands may not work for you.

Tip: Wanting to regram? Our advice is to regram content that your audience creates. Sharing content from your customers is a great way to build a loyal community, while sharing content from influencers can help you get more visibility. Just be sure to always to post more content than you regram – after all your community followed your profile for a reason!


With new social media features coming out each and everyday, it’s difficult for marketers to pinpoint what works and what doesn’t. With the power of analytics tools, you can better measure and benchmark your performance to empower your strategic decision making. In the modern age of digital marketing – you shouldn’t have to leave anything up to chance.

In this particular scenario, we still have to keep in mind that the data analyzed was only for brands that are currently regraming. As the opportunity to easily repost content becomes widely available we can expect to see even more brands participating – which could alter the data you see here. With that being said we can’t deny that we look forward to the Regram button launch coming within these next few weeks and promise to keep our eyes out for any data gems that will help you excel on Instagram.

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