How to Integrate Your Social Media and Digital Data – and Why You Should

Data is your greatest asset. But the constant need to switch between different sources and visualizations could be clouding your insights. Even a small error in analysis might steer your decisions – and money – in the wrong direction.

How to Integrate Your Social Media and Digital Data – and Why You Should

To safeguard your insights, consider how a unified view of all your social media and digital data can help. Instead of slowly piecing together your story, you’ll be able to make moves more quickly with an all-in-one look at what’s really going on. When you break down the walls, you can shake up your strategy and more easily prove the value of your efforts as you deliver better results from social.

Make Smarter, Data-driven Decisions

Being data-driven on social media means turning social data into actionable insights. When you map the relationship between your social KPIs and your Google Analytics data, you can see where your strategy or messaging could use a little love. For example, if you notice that your content isn’t driving the amount of web traffic you expected, revisit aspects of your message or calls to action. By tracking your engaged audiences beyond social, you can improve your content so that it’s more relevant, targeted, and purpose-driven.

With social media integration, you can also ask better questions about your spend. Check how your social media advertising is affecting your website conversions or visits to your landing pages. Do you actually need to overhaul your content strategy or just invest in different posts? Understanding the efficiency of your Facebook spend against its outcomes on digital will allow you to not only spot your weaker tactics, but also reinvest in campaigns that really hit the mark. 

Integrate Your Social, Web, and Business Data the Easy Way

Measure Social Media ROI With Ease

The amount of money invested on social creates high stakes for any marketer. If you’re unable to clearly demonstrate social media ROI as well as the benefit of engaged social audiences, you’ll have a hard time justifying further investment. Putting your social and digital data in context is key to meaningful social media performance reporting. 

The pace of digital marketing makes manual, weekly check-ins on your performance an inefficient practice. Smarter social media analysis comes with being ready to share insights at any time to keep your team and stakeholders in the loop. With easy access to the big picture, customized to your goals, there won’t be any surprises when you’re asked to determine the impact of social on wider objectives, and ultimately, prove your value too.

The Takeaway

As investments continue to grow on social media, you need to be able to pinpoint exactly how success here is contributing to the greater whole. Today, this analysis and reporting isn’t difficult to achieve. By integrating your social media and digital data, you can easily visualize the relationship between your campaigns and revenue, buying you the O.K. again and again to keep doing all you do social.

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