Socialbakers’ Engage Bali 2018 – A Unique Social Media Retreat

The most highly anticipated social media conference of the year is coming back to Bali! Socialbakers’ Engage Bali is March 1 - 2, and we can’t wait to transform the island into an international social media marketing hub. And we’d hate for you to miss it…here’s why.

Socialbakers’ Engage Bali 2018 – A Unique Social Media Retreat

Let’s be honest, the social media landscape is literally changing every day. It’s hard to keep up on it all – just think about Facebook’s recent News Feed changes which will have a significant impact on how marketers reach new audiences and stay competitive on social media. The challenges that lie ahead are immense, and marketers will need to rethink their strategies in 2018 – should they focus on influencer marketing, optimizing ad spend or content formats like Facebook Live Video?

Come to Engage Bali to find out how the world’s most iconic organizations are addressing these challenges. You can’t find all the answers by sitting at your desk, but you could at Engage Bali!

Our Engage social media conferences have always been the place to learn about the latest trends and best practices from social media experts in this progressive space. And this year, Engage Bali is going to be a true social media marketer’s dream! 

Want to attend Engage Bali?

Here’s the deal, we are bringing influencers, workshops, and experts to teach you what you can’t learn anywhere else. Get exclusive insights, practical tips and so much more, from the world’s most iconic brands. The hottest topics in social media marketing today are going to be discussed by social media rockstars like Xiaxue, Tom Fishburne from The Marketoonist and brands like the World Wildlife Fund, Lazada, and Starhub.

Did we mention that it’s all going to be taking place at the Grand Hyatt Bali luxury hotel – just steps away from the breathtaking Nusa Dua Beach?

The Takeaway

You have to be fully tuned in to stay competitive, and we have the key to get you there. 

From insightful presentations on the latest marketing trends and innovations, to rubbing shoulders with like-minded professionals, and hands-on workshops, Engage Bali has it all. We’re bringing some of the world’s top social media marketers and brands for a unique social media retreat you can’t have your team afford to miss. There’s only 50 tickets left, so register now for the Socialbakers’ Engage Bali social media conference before it’s too late.

What are you waiting for? Start packing your bags and join us for the world’s best social media marketing conference on the most alluring island in the Asia Pacific.

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