Which Fashion Brand Would You Like to Date?

Every year brands flock to social media to profess their love on Valentine’s Day. And Fashion Brands in particular know just what to do on social to get their audiences in the mood. We dove into the sea of social media Valentine’s Day data to find out which Fashion Brands were turning up the heat this February, and which ones were playing hard to get. Read on to find out which brand would be the ideal Valentine’s date!

Which Fashion Brand Would You Like to Date?

Holidays on social media always generate a lot of buzz – but it’s safe to say that Valentine’s Day is what really gets the love going. Rather than go on a blind date, we wanted to know exactly what we were getting into. Would Mr. Kors be our knight in shining armor? Or would Ms. Tiffany turn out to be the diamond in the rough?

To find out who would be the best V-Day date we did some Facebook content stalking. We took a look at more than 4,300 Fashion Brand posts containing the word “valentine” to see how many Love Reactions their posts were getting. While some all-star Fashion Brands are getting lots of love, others are missing out on the romance altogether.


Secret Admirer – Michael Kors

It’s no surprise that American designer Michael Kors is stealing hearts across Facebook. Though they only posted 1 Valentine’s Day themed post – they received nearly 8,000 Love Reactions.

We can clearly see that Michael Kors has the potential to set fashion trends on social that will withstand any season, however, their posting strategy could use a little work. Diamond fashionista Tiffany & Co. follows the love trail close behind, posting more love-filled posts than Mr.Kors – and getting similar responses from her community. The problem? They want more of it.

Love Advice: Brands that fall into the Secret Admirer portion of the quadrant understand their audiences to a T – as we’ve seen here. But to make an even bigger splash on Facebook, they will need an easier way to send those love notes to their audience. If you fall into this category you may need a confidence a boost.

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Hopeless Romantic – Blue Nile

Nothing says “I love you,” like a bright, shiny diamond. While jewelry retailer Blue Nile, has the potential to outshine other brands on Valentines Day – they’ve been surprisingly quiet this holiday season. The diamond brand isn’t getting much love out of their Valentine’s Day post, with it only performing 30% better than other fashion brands.

Love Advice: While Blue Nile has a lot to offer, they are waiting for love to knock on their door. Brands that fall into the Hopeless Romantic section may need to take a chance on love and discover what sets them apart from the competition. The best way to find out your hidden strength? Benchmark yourself against the competition and find a way to make your message unique.

The Clinger – Tobi

It’s easy to get swept away once Cupid’s arrow strikes. Unfortunately, what you see as a turn-on – may be a turn-off for your social media audiences. Californian online retailer, Tobi rocked their rose-colored glasses, sending Valentine’s Day posts left and right. Though they really put themselves out there, their audience wasn’t receptive. We can see that the love wasn’t reciprocal, the more Tobi tried – the more desperate they appeared – and no one likes desperate.

Love Advice: When it comes to holiday seasons, brands walk a fine line. While it’s easy to overdo it – it can also be easy to get it wrong. Though you may feel that you are giving the holiday an adequate amount of attention, it’s possible that your audiences might think that it’s a lot – too soon. I mean you haven’t even met their parents yet – just saying. Put yourselves in their shoes and learn from some of the best heartthrobs out there. Discover what best-performing content looks like in your industry and give your content strategy a makeover.

Heart-Throb – Giorgio Armani

Audiences have been crushing hard for Giorgio Armani. The tall, dark, and handsome Italian fashion brand has a certain swagger that can’t be copied. It comes with years of great branding and social media experience. Mr. Armani not only posts the perfect about of Valentine’s posts – but also gets enough love to last a lifetime in return. He is the perfect combination of mysterious, charming, and romantic – and Facebook audiences are lining up to land a date with him.

Love Advice: What can we say? Brands that fall into this category should be giving us some advice on love. Any brand that falls into the upper right-hand corner knows how to amp up the romance with the right content. To keep the bliss alive though, they need to consistently publish at the perfect time – every time. 


Every Valentine’s Day, brands have the opportunity to make their audiences feel special. The right content can go a long way, sending audiences’ hearts soaring. The affection built between a brand and their community can create a special bond that can lead to everything from holiday-inspired purchases to a lifetime of loyalty. To keep up with the season of love, brands will need to make sure that they put their best content forward, never shying away from commitment.

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