Top Social Games Apps on Facebook

Social games are hot topic and huge market given that more than 68.7 million US games will be playing by 2012, representing almost 30% growth since the gaming boom in 2010. Socialbakers offers analytics on Facebook Apps; we bring the performance overview of the most successful ones.

Top Social Games Apps on Facebook

Who are the biggest players in the social gaming scene?

When looking at Facebook Apps rank, City Ville continues to beat The Sims Social. When looking at games’ Facebook Pages, measurements by Socialbakers reveal that fastest growing game is Angry Birds, best selling mobile game by Rovio Entertainment, growing incredible 24% over month and reaching more than 9 million fans on Facebook! Let’s take a closer look at the comparison of games Facebook Apps and Facebook Pages performance.

According to the MAU, City Ville by Zynga developer is leading the rank of social games with 55.1 million users. In the last month, the app recorded more 25% decline in MAU, jumping from more than 75 million. On the other hand, City Ville Facebook page is doing quite well; its continuous growth with current 3.33 million fans is quite significant success growing constantly 4% in the preceding month.

More traditional developer of the games, Electronic Arts, started to realize the potential of social games and gained quite a success being number 2 in the rank with 40.4 million MAU. Although the app recorded decline by 23%, the Facebook Page growth is significant; demonstrated by 6.3 million fans this Page has.

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