How does your Fan Count relate to your actual Fan Engagement?

There is long held belief that the success of the Facebook page is measured through the number of fans. According to research done among Facebook brand page owners, fans are still considered as measurement of success. At Socialbakers, we were successful in educating our clients that now understand what is more important. Engagement Rate.

How does your Fan Count relate to your actual Fan Engagement?

So why is fan engagement more important than just the fan count? Customer retention is the goal of business owners and Facebook facilitates this through conversation brands have with their fans. The more engaging and authentic dialogue brands can maintain with fans on the wall, the higher the probability of strengthening relationship and trust.

For the purpose of this research we examined the behavior of Ecommerce industry on Facebook. Socialbakers findings show that numbers of fans are rarely correlating with how fans truly care about the Facebook page. This is important finding for marketers who try interpreting value of pages with lower fan base. As shown in the graphs below, in the most cases, pages with the TOP Engagement Score (Socialbakers metric of ER has 35 as maximum) don’t necessarily have highest number of fans:

Top Ecommerce Facebook Pages by Fans in October 2011

Top Ecommerce Facebook Pages by Engagement in October 2011

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