Socialbakers Ranks Le Web Attendees on Social and Digital Media Success: Facebook, Best Buy, Google, and Nokia Beat the Pack on Social Engagement

Socialbakers Reveals that Google Surprisingly Outguns Facebook With 2X Higher User Engagement on Facebook

Socialbakers Ranks Le Web Attendees on Social and Digital Media Success: Facebook, Best Buy, Google, and Nokia Beat the Pack on Social Engagement

London, San Francisco – 05 December 2011

Socialbakers, the world’s fastest growing social media and digital analytics company and recognized as the number one resource for Facebook metrics globally, today releases a revealing study showcasing social media effectiveness for companies attending LeWeb’11, Europe’s premiere tech conference in Paris this week, December 7th –9th.

Additionally, launching at LeWeb, Socialbakers cements its innovation leadership today, announcing the highly anticipated release of YouTube analytics and monitoring for Google+ brand page.


With a focus on social and digital media at the conference this year, Socialbakers, reviews how well the innovators of the future are truly doing in social and digital media and how they compare to industry and competitors.

Findings show which companies have the largest social media presence across the major social networks including highest engagement rates on Facebook.

Key Observations:

Major brands and tech companies:

  • Google on Facebook has a 2X higher engagement rate than Facebook itself.
  • Facebook, BestBuy, Google, Nokia and Intel have the highest engagement rates in social and digital media.
  • Foursquare made the top 15 but has an unexpected low user engagement against its competitors.
  • Intel, Dell, Nokia, Foursquare, Facebook and Google are with engagement and adoption of Google+.


  • Of the 72 investors attending 44% are on Facebook, 39% on Twitter (with an identifiable handle) and 11% on Google+.
  • Top three investors on Facebook have a large number of fans but post minimal updates and are not actively engaging their fans.
  • Accel Partners leads the pack with the most number of followers on Twitter, nearly 7,000.


Jan Rezab, CEO of Socialbakers, commented: “Many companies believe that a successful social media strategy is simply about number of fans or followers or the number of tweets. We believe engagement of fans is the key to success. Measuring ROI across Twitter, Google, LinkedIn, and YouTube all in real-time, to be able to compete and beat competitors with user engagement is key.”

“From the findings, we see that companies need to think more about engagement and Google+. Little steps like posting once a day to Facebook will give optimal engagement. Companies need help understanding the data, what works and how they can improve,” said Jan Rezab, CEO of Socialbakers.


Table 1: Top 15 Brands and Tech Companies Using Social Media

Table 2. Top 3 Investors on Facebook

Table 3. Top 3 Investors on Twitter

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