Facebook Classified Ads Best Practice: How to start successful Facebook advertising campaign

As classified ads move from print to digital advertising – Facebook advertising should not be ignored. Facebook Ads provide the most targeting traffic possible based on a wide range of personalized data which includes both the interests of the target audience as well as the traditional demographics used for media targeting.

Facebook Classified Ads Best Practice: How to start successful Facebook advertising campaign

In reality there are no specific best practices regarding what image, title, text, or targeting will work the best for Facebook advertising – because the true best practice is to constantly be testing, adapting, a tweaking your advertising based on the analytic results Facebook provides.

However, here are some tips and strategies that should be understood before starting any Facebook advertising campaign:

  • TARGET – Unlike search ads, Facebook Ads give you access to tons of data so be sure to take advantage when targeting your ads and use variations of text within each target for specific demographics (i.e. gender, location, age). Remember that Facebook gives you access to psychographic data such as interests, which can be used in your targeting.
  • TEST – Always make more than one version of your classified ad. You can start first with one image and several different texts to see which one works the best. Once you’ve found that, then you can use the same text with several different images. Simple changes can cause massive changes in the results
  • ENGAGE – Remember that Facebook is a social network, not just a website, so users’ first priority is not to shop. You will need to catch their attention by targeting their interests first, as Facebook users tend to appreciate info-sharing and competitions rather than hard-sell advertising.
  • SPEAK THEIR LANGUAGE – Use FB-specific terminology in your ad (fans, wall, likes, etc) and offer discounts for Facebook users
  • BUDGET – To control budgets, segment campaigns based on target groups and Go with CPC over CPM, as it is much more useful for classified ads to pay for clicks rather than eyeballs
  • BID – It’s better to bid high at first then decrease slowly, rather than starting low
  • TAKE BREAKS – Pause ads once they drop 25% from their original CTR – then reactivate them later, that way your target audience doesn’t tire from seeing the ad
  • RE-SUBMIT – Ads will get the most impressions in the beginning, once it slows down you can “edit ad creative” and submit it – even if you don’t change anything, in some cases FB will give that same ad a boost in impressions once it is re-approved
  • FACEBOOK PRESENCE – Users like to stay within Facebook, so it’s always better to lead users to a Facebook page or application rather than to an outside website
  • SPONSOR STORIES – Facebook now has 7 types of sponsored stories which create “social ads” which have so far proven to have 3× better CTR than traditional Facebook ads

Examples of GOOD Facebook Advertising:

Use the targeting in your copy. This is just one example based on age, but the possibilities are endless

Really the best case studies are the three that Facebook provides https://www.facebook.com/advertising/

Examples of BAD Facebook Advertising:

It’s not possible to target based on whether or not the user is a mother, but it is possible to target on gender and age. The real problem with this ad is the picture, why not show the free bag instead of this somewhat scary picture of a child in an egg?

Another bad choice of image. Even if you were once interested in becoming a social worker, one look at this child’s face and you will seriously reconsider your career choices.

In this ad the message is confusing and takes too long to read and understand the intent. Cleverness should never be used over clarity when writing your ad title.

This ad is so bad on so many levels, that it doesn’t even need an explanation.

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