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Google+ Statistics on Socialbakers: The Most Followed Google+ Media

Google+ Statistics on Socialbakers: The Most Followed Google+ Media image

Which Google+ media companies have the most followers? Follow life Socialbakers social media statistics to find out.

Since Socialbakers‘ launch of Google+ statistics for brands and media, we help you out with monitoring of all Google+ accounts and inform you what are the most followed media pages.

Today, we would like to share with you the rank of 15 most popular media companies on Google+.

Follow full Socialbakers Google+ Media Statistics

Our Google+ statistics show that the active approach of media accounts really pays off. You can see these media posting top stories every day, a strategy, which share all top media companies on Google+. Mashable is the most followed account on Google+ thanks to active engagement of its followers, who contribute with comments and opinions. Number 2 is The New York Times followed by TechCruch, Google and entertainment channel YouTube.

We see similar pattern in news and media companies on Facebook. Well-managed activity and high quality content leads to higher engagement and increased fans and followers base, which drives traffic to your content. For daily updated social media statistics visit www.socialbakers.com.

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